Kit Kat Apple Pie package

Kit Kat Apple Pie

Bake this Kit Kat for the holidays yo

Reviewed by Matty

December 1, 2020


I used to complain about the lack of Kit Kat flavors, jealous because Europe and Asia seemed to have had a bevy to choose from when we only had Dark, Milk or White chocolate. But lately, Kit Kat has been delivering new tastes to us ‘mericans albeit at intervals and what appears to be seasonal. Like these Apple Pie flavored versions.

Kit Kat Apple Pie package

I don’t need to give you a Kit Kat 101, right? At this point, BUY one. Try it. If you’d rather read about them, here are all our past Kats reviews.

When I opened this Kit Kat package, the aroma was very much Apple Pie. Overt. Wafting. I wasn’t actually hungry when I started, then I couldn’t wait to bite.

And guess what they taste like apple pie. Not like a super unique natural amazing home-cooked apple pie, but apple pie nonetheless. The coating is white chocolate so the bars are sweeter than the real thing. And it could use more depth, perhaps a tad more cinnamon.

Still, assuming these are in good shape when you buy them (mine felt fresh, thank you Walgreen’s) I think they’re enjoyable.

Would I buy again? No. But that’s because I really only serial buy gummies, M&Ms and maybe Reese’s.

But I give a general thumbs up to the Apple Pie fun novelty flavor that has all the texture one loves in Kit Kat. Solid.

Zolli Candy

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  1. Lauren

    “I think they’re enjoyable.

    Would I buy again? No.”

    HAHAHAHAHA. Too good.


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