Katjes Glücksgefühle: German, Veggie & Fruity

Veggie candy hippy dippy yippee

Reviewed by Matty

January 30, 2018

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Let’s make haste here. Who has time to read another gummy candy review? I sure don’t.

Katjes: almost always good.
This bag – called “Lucky Moments” in English – is all vegetarian. Meaning no hooves.

It has a lovely fruity aroma upon opening. Uniquely providing a bevy of different gummies: straight apple that tastes like apple, straight up licorice (lite-style for all of you that can’t handle deep anise flavors), half strawberry HALF licorice – a taste I love, that Jonny doesn’t love so much. I like it because it’s nuanced. And I like it in this bag because it’s novel and varied.

The chew of these are a tad soft, but that’s what you get when you omit the animat parts – they’re simply not as chewy hard. Rather, they break down quicker and tend to stick on the teeth.

This is a bag from our friend Susie, which means they are one of the myriad of candies from possibly our favorite candy country, Germany. US Amazon doesn’t have them. Booo. German Amazon does. Yay. These are imminently buyable. Like most Katjes goodies. Procure.

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