Japanese Lumberjack Tree Stumps

They look like tree stumps and ... kinda taste like it...?

Reviewed by Matty

November 7, 2017

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I feel like the Japanese have more cutesy, character-driven, novelty candy than we do in America.

Look at the funny lumberjack and his chocolate tree stumps, from a company called Bourbon (though there is no alcohol in these):

The stumps are pretty simple. They taste just like Pocky.

As the Japanese so often do, there sure is a lot of packaging with these. Plastic and foil! Oh and don’t forget the cardboard box on the outside.

The chocolate is general milk and not too sweet, which is good. And the cracker, or the biscuit, or maybe we call it a light cookie – is, well, not unlike saw dust. It’s super crumby and somewhat tasteless!

I actually kinda liked these a bit. I didn’t at first. But I hadn’t eaten lunch and I found myself non-stop mouth-popping until done. Very light, easy, crunchy, and not too big.

But if you want some, you need to go online and buy in some strange currency. Or at least it’s strange to us ‘mericans.

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