Oyatsu Box UnBox. Part 1: Pocky & Mario

We got a box full of candy, which you might like to eat

Reviewed by Matty

April 25, 2017

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Give me boxes of weird candies from other countries all day long. All night long even. It’s like a non-stop surprise party – I have no idea what’s coming next!

So thank you for sending the Oyatsu Box, Oyatsu Cafe — a new purveyor of simply crazy, sometimes awesome, sometimes trippy sweets and snack foods sent straight to your mail box. At only $14 per month, which includes shipping, you get a smattering of fun things to pop in your mouth.

I’m reviewing 2 of the sweet treats we got in our box, Jonny will review another 2 or 3. The big question for me: do I review something no one likely knows at all on this side of the Pacific, OR do I review something people may not know yet, but could potentially acquire on their own, somewhere outside of the “Oyatsu Cafe.” I chose the latter, so we’re starting with:


I live in a big city near the ocean in America. Luckily, where I live is rife with cultures that aren’t just white people speaking english. I get all sorts of interesting people speaking all sorts of languages bringing their good times and good food. (If you don’t live in a place like this, may I suggest you live closer to me.) Anyway, one food my kids get is called Pocky – a super thin Japanese bread stick with a hard yogurt-like candy coating over 3/4 of it.

I don’t usually eat Pocky (I like it, I just don’t buy it – when I buy candy I buy gummies), so I’m honestly not terribly sure if they have the flavor that Oyatsu sent: creamy vanilla. And if we do have it, I would procure again. It’s great – light, but very tasty. Not simple vanilla but kindofa deep flavor. Very much what a great vanilla softserve is. Yum. Watch below and you can see me unpack it.
M e s m e r i z i n g …

Amazon doesn’t have the creamy vanilla.. But you can buy them from Oyatsu Cafe.






How could I not review these?

For one, The Nintendo Switch is all the rage and Jonny will likely get one because he’s a dad and on dad’s day he gets presents and he told Santa he wants one.

Plus, I love gummies. These, according to the nicely printed piece of paper that tells us exactly what’s in the Oyatsu Box, are Cola and Ramune flavored. Cola = tried and true. Ramune = a popular Japanese soda candy that tastes like bubble gum. Not super sweet – more refreshing, and definitely not a berry or lemon thing.

The packaging is a tad…busy. In fact, almost all the Japanese snacks have packaging that’s way over-graphic’ed. So very opposite of what most people think of when they think “Asian Design.”

The colors of the actual candy are kinda gross. When I opened the package I didn’t yet know the flavors and I was like, um, these look awful. Then I did the cola and Ramune math and I was like ok that’s why these are pooh brown and grey.

The cola gummy is good. Strong cola flavor, like a special ‘bespoke’ cola drink – not your typical coke. Both have the right kind of chewy toughness. The Ramune flavor is not very good. Not refreshing, like the drink, and a weird strong after taste of chemicals. Yuck.

I’m kinda thinking I should have reviewed something else in that box from Oyatsu – cuz I aint going out and buying these Mario gummies.

Like the Watagashi Tropical cotton candy (which I can’t find anywhere – even on Oyatsu Cafe…) that is supposedly infused with tropical flavors but mainly tastes like sugar. It’s ok, but it’s strangely pure white so it looks like the cotton gauze you’d see surgeons use in hospitals…very weird to eat…

There are also choco-balls that look like mini Robin’s eggs – the kind you’d get for Easter. They taste lighter though, more malt than chocolate, really good. Get these.

Still – gummies is what I chose and gummies be what you get. I wouldn’t buy them…but I’m cool enough to give you the Amazon link to make your own choice.



But thanks go to Oyatsu for the box of goodies. I like the service and I like the Japanese goods. ありがとうございました

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