Idaho Spud: What matters is what’s outside, not inside

Coconut and chocolate sounds like a sex party. Trust me, I know. But thick, dense and wet should only describe some bad porn movie - not candy.

Reviewed by Matty

July 8, 2009



For a guy who acts like a child and insists on consuming kid’s candy – it’s really quite remarkable that I love coconut with my chocolate. It’s so goddamn adult of me. Almond Joy? I’ll make out with it. Mounds? I just made love to it in my mind.

So when I first unwrapped these Idaho Spuds, which are covered in what turned out to be pretty tasty chocolate sprinkled with my naughty mistress coconut, I thought “yes. YES. Come to me dahhlink.”

And then when I broke open the candy…I got that squinty look of confusion; the same face I made when I read how Sarah Palin tried to coherently explain why quitting her job as Alaska guv’nuh will actually make her a better leader elsewhere down the line. You know – it’s the, “um, you’re fucking SHITTIng me…right?” look. First off, these spuds look w e t. Can you see the dew drops in there? spud2
What is that? Look, If it ain’t caramel or gummi juice then I don’t want wet. Perhaps it was user error. Hell, I rode my bike home today and it was warm and this was in my backpack — so maybe if it had seen the broadside of a fridge it wouldn’t be so moisty? Who knows. Either way: turn off.

I peel off a little of the chocolate outside, make sure there are cling-ons of coconut, and I eaty – as I said above – I likey. But when I dive into the middle…ew not that great. It looks like it might be the fluff of a Rocky Road bar – you know, marhsmallowy and light. But this is the opposite – it’s spongey and really dense. I ate only about 3/4 of the bar (mama got the other part) and it was heavy. I feel full. Pukey full.

Interestingly, the actual taste of the eggy densey wet nougat isn’t bad though. It’s kinda mocha-y, which surprised me. But the cement mixture of meringue just wasn’t for me. I DID like the old school packaging though, which is perfect if you eat packaging.

My rec is to buy one if you feel like a coconut party, then take all the outside off and throw away the rest. Or better yet, just buy a Mounds and tongue kiss it.


Zolli Candy


  1. Ev

    I got to see Dave Wagers (president of the Idaho Candy Company) again last month and he told me about how they sometimes make “fondues” from the Spuds. Their favorite overall is the frozen though (as well as mine).

  2. Ev

    I am a fan of these, they aren’t amazing, but they are good. I love the maple undertones, the way the earthy chocolate and coconut complements and the way they are delicious when frozen BUT you need them fresh and unless you are getting them straight from the factory, you never know what they will be like. Also, the denseness comes from using Agar Agar (from seaweed) instead of Gelatin.

    • Matty

      Ev, I don’t know who you are but I love your take.

  3. Kelly

    Best line ever, “Almond Joy? I’ll make out with it. Mounds? I just made love to it in my mind.”

  4. greebs

    I swear to God, this is one of the funnier reviews I’ve read yet. And this line just seals it:

    “I DID like the old school packaging though, which is perfect if you eat packaging. “


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