Haribo Spaghetti Fizz

It's truly possible that this spaghetti is better for you than real spaghetti.

Reviewed by Jonny

May 7, 2016

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We JUST reviewed the normal, non-fizzy version of these things and didn’t love them. Didn’t hate them, they just were nothing special, aside from being cool as hell looking.  Now we’re taking a look at their sassier sibling, Fizz.IMG_0658

I’m not exactly sure what “fizz” refers to in this case: there’s no frothy powder on or in it like Zotz, nor anything particularly fizzy about them. I think it’s just their way of reiterating that they’re sour. And while folks looking for “sour” candy might be a little underwhelmed with this offering’s sour power, I think most of us will be very pleasantly surprised by how delicious they are.


They look pretty much the same as their non sour partner, but with different flavors.  These have cherry, lemon, apple and cola.  The consistency is exactly the same as the non sour variety.


The thing is, these are delicious. I already was on board with the chew and eating experience of these. But now that these have a sour (I’d describe it as tart) edge to them, they really explode with flavor.

Of course neither the original nor this Fizz variety are available in the US or even via the Internet-but if you are at some point faced with the option of buying either, go with these.

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  1. Autlaw

    They sound rather interesting, but I’ve never seen them. And as you said, not available in the US, so it’s just as well. Never been a fan of Haribo gummies, I lean more toward BlackForest brand for flavour. If I EVER come across these however, I’d not hesitate to try. Thanks for the review!


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