Haribo Spaghetti

Sometimes, things look just like they taste

Reviewed by Jonny

April 23, 2016

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Nope, not Sour S’getti, this is just plain ol’ Spaghetti. Behold the insanity:


Oh sure, it’s neu and cool and all that shit, but you haven’t seen it de-bagged yet.


It’s at this point you’re probably having one of two reactions. Either it looks like threads of brightly  colored plastic and that grosses you out, …or it looks like threads of brightly colored plastic and that intrigues you. Either way, we’re looking at plastic. I had the good reaction- I was excited to try these, cause you know me…I like tough chewy things.


It’s really mesmerizing to look at, isn’t it?

Here’s the headline on these: they taste just like they look. And while that’s not a bad thing, it sure isn’t a great thing.   The flavors are pretty dull, which surprised me. The eating experience of the strands on the other hand, is fun. I really do like the consistency, and I love the sheen on them-these things aren’t sticking together.

The Mrs. Didn’t dig these, but junior did. At least he said he did. The rest of the bag is still sitting, uneaten, in his year round “my dad is awesome” Halloween pumpkin.

Haribo also makes a sour version of these that we’ll be reviewing soon, and I expect to like them a lot more. These though?  Not really any different from the similar rope candy you can find stateside.

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