Haribo Parade : A Parade of Sad Clowns

Haribo knows gummies, and they know sour. Hell, they even know bananas. But do they know licorice?

Reviewed by Jonny

May 9, 2012

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Here’s a look at a pretty hard to find bag of Haribo licorice (at least in the US)


The concept here is that it’s a mix of some of Haribo’s licorice offerings.  The problem is the selection: it’s ass.



On the left lower side we have candy covered licorice.  These are sort of like a cousin to good & plenty, but they’re weird.  Not bad, but the flavors are hard to grasp, and the licorice inside is pretty bland.  I was expecting some pop, like we found in Sallos’ Black & Whites, but alas, none to be found.


Above those are your garden variety black licorice pieces, again, non salty.  These are just plain mediocre, it pains me to say.  I guess when it comes down to it, Haribo just isn’t that great at licorice.  There’s nothing super compelling about these, they’re just kind of soft standard licorice.


Finally on top, we have the most heinous addition to the bunch.  These are chewy fondant-ish covered licorice rolls.  The gross part is the outer spongy, soft “wrapping”.  The flavors stink.  Chocolate I can live with, but this aint real chocolate, peeps.  This is weirdo simulated chocolate on bad licorice.  I’m not sure what the other flavors are, but I’m guessing cherry, orange, and…lemon?  Yuck.  I don’t  like any of those combinations with licorice, period.  These were spitter fodder for me.


If it’s not abundantly clear yet, don’t buy these.  Even though Haribo isn’t the best at licorice, they make plenty of varieties that you will enjoy much more than these.  I suggest  these, in a BIG way.


Buy those at the link below, as well as many other varieties of licorice, now including the Sallos Black & Whites!


Zolli Candy


  1. Ore

    Weird, I love these!

  2. Roberttheg

    All this review did is to encourage me to buy some Sallos’ Black and White, which I did, plus some of the other Sallos products on  Germanshop24.  I’m still in shock from the cost of shipping so they better meet up with Jonny Guru’s opinion.  By the way, where is Jonny Guru Jr?

    • jonnyguru

      As high as those prices might seem, it’s cheaper than anywhere else you’ll find! And jr is crafting his latest video. Soon.

  3. Matty

    Uh OH. I disagree with this review. I love these things.
    -Matty (the guy who is always right)


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