Haribo Sali-Kritz : Good & Plenty the German Way

Last week I reviewed the crappy Outback Beans.  They were a horrible stab at the Good & Fruity concept: candy coated fruity licorice.  This week, we look at a variation on Good & Plenty, the classic candy coated black licorice.  This time, made by uber-awesomeness lords, Haribo:

One spin on these is that the candy shell is very faintly flavored.  They’re shaped in fun medallion pieces:

The other major spin is that the licorice contained under the candy coating is amazing, and slightly salty.  This is similar to the excellent Sallos Black & Whites we reviewed way back.  There’s not a lot to say about these, as you know the concept and either like it or don’t.  If you’re a fan of black (real) licorice, you WILL love these.  While I admit that the slight fruit(?) flavoring on the the shells isn’t all perfect, it’s far from bad–interesting, actually.  The licorice is just so great, so perfectly mildly salted…it’s an absolute delight.

The best news is that you CAN buy these from our new friends at  Germanshop24.com.  They have a ton of hard to find Haribo, Trolli and Katjes candies, and best of all, their shipping is reasonable.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.  Pick up a few bags of these today from the link below.

2 thoughts on “Haribo Sali-Kritz : Good & Plenty the German Way

  1. I just threw some of those out. I love real black licorice and find the European mildly-salted stuff (like rockies and griotten) quite nice. These were missing a lot of the great things about licorice’s flavor, like the soothing sweetness and woody notes. The only good thing about them is when you buy them in Germany, they’re dirt cheap – less than a buck a bag.

    Honestly, I haven’t found any of the Haribo licorice products noteworthy … the closest to satisfying is their standard licorice wheel and only because it’s so flavorless.

  2. Cybele, laying down the hate! I like it! But I love these things. Perhaps I’m NOT as much of a licorice snob as I thought? Is that possible?

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