Villosa Sallos Black & White Licorice : This Aint Yo Momma’s Good & Plenty!

I used to love Good & Plenty. Now, I'm ruined. These take licorice to the HNL.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 3, 2010


Last night I broke open my son’s box of Good & Plenty.  “Those are my FAVORITE, Dad!  I want them!” he whined in Target over a MONTH ago.  So I got them for him.  He’s an only child, he’s spoiled, he gets whatever he wants, etc. He promptly forgot about them, so…there was my Wednesday night.  As I was eating them, I was mentally comparing them to Villosa Sallos’ “Black & White” licorice.  Conceptually, they’re similar: licorice enrobed in a thin candy shell.  But that’s where the similarities end.

Good & Plenty have a specific, classic, “licorice taste”.  Black & Whites taste nothing like them.  First, take a gander at them:

Here’s the deal with these things: they’re about the size of a large Skittle, and as far as I can tell, the black ones taste the same as the white ones.  But that taste…it floored me.

Licorice (and I’m not gonna say “black” licorice, ’cause that’s what licorice IS.  No disrespect to Red Vines, but…that’s just red candy) has a variety of tastes, aftertastes, consistencies, etc.  When done right, it’s the king of ALL candies.  Matty and I agree, great licorice lives at the top of the food chain. An Apex Predator. When done wrong, it can be cloying, bitter, disgustingly salty, or worst of all, boring.

Black & Whites start of good enough- a nice, crisp, rich licorice flavor.  When you continue chewing, you get a hint of salt-it’s very understated.  Then, as an aftertaste, you get an amazing, lasting deep licorice flavor, with an even larger “sense” of salt.  Seriously, it’s like a savory dish-the taste is that developed.

I originally got turned on to these by my friend Susie who lives in Germany.  However, like I’m want to do with some of the more amazing German things I’ve tried, I ate the whole bag in one sitting before I could review them.  It’s OK to hate me, just don’t hate me for this.  I’m weak.  Big Brother was on.  Do the math.

However, Matty and I decided that we needed to pursue these to determine if my original judgment was clouded or correct.  We picked up at least 10 bags between the 2 of us, and…ladies & gentlemen, we have a new winner.  It’s with great pleasure that I announce to y’all THIS Candy Guru’s favorite licorice EVER.  That’s right.  Best.  Ever.

There’s just something about these that keeps them from getting boring, too intense, or too anything. I was amazed last night at how over Good & Plenty’s I was after a few handfuls.  I used to ADORE them.  Now?  Ruined. They’re like genetically produced licorice for foodies.  And that’s all I’ll say.

I don’t often give ratings of 10 stars. But I’m doing it now, so get on the bus, or forever eat mediocre licorice. Your call.

These didn’t used to be easy to find. Thank you Amazon for taking over the world.

Zolli Candy


  1. matty

    I love movements. Have you heard of Occupy Wall Street? Jonny and I started that.

  2. Sabine

    Just finished my third bag in as many weeks, heavy duty control problem here. No more friends going to Germany in the near future – these are THE BEST licorice out there. Interestingly, even in Germany, they are kind of harder to find. Considering that COst APLus Imports in California carries the Villosa Saliak candy, I wonder if enough of us asked for it, one could start a movement so they add this type to their line up?

  3. Matty

    Had to add a rating. yums

  4. Susie

    Bloody HELL! Seems like I am either a gold digger or German sweets generally deserve at least a 7 star rating. Please do me a favour and post a really BAD review for one of my goodies – might get a bit too self-absorbed otherwise.. Good review – well done!

  5. Matty

    These are unba. Better than dolfin blues from Katjes? Not sure about that. I’d eat both all the time. But these are more licorice-y at the end. Like Jonny wrote, there are various layers to these. They change as you eat them. The Katjes don’t.

  6. greebs

    Wow — these are better than the salty dolphin licorice from Cost Plus? I’m VERY intrigued and impressed.


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