Haribo Frohhalme

Custard candy doesn't sound good to me ever.

Reviewed by Jonny

April 3, 2020

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These are SO the kind of candy, especially the kind of Haribo candy, that I hate. I’m just not a fan of their tube shaped candies in general. There’s a weird Play-do like texture to some, and usually they’re a bit sweeter than typical Haribo.

Sweet lord. Not only are they tubes, but they’re lemon custard tubes. Dairy candy? Never my thing.

Unpacking them, …these are kinda interesting looking. The inside, if you can see it, isn’t the same consistency, but instead more of a gummy. Interesting.

So….how do they taste? SURPRISINGLY GOOD. I was beyond surprised when I actually enjoyed eating them. The inside core provides a completely different experience for me than the other tubes, which Matty liked more than me. This reminded me of some more better Asian gummies I’ve had like the outstanding Puchao. They combine tiny drops of gummies with their Starburst-like-but-way-better chews.

But back to this. We get a very mild flavor experience here on the custard end, thankfully. It comes off more as a slightly….zingy lemon. Not sour in any way, just a bit of yogurt/milk acidity in there.

Being totally transparent, I’m not sure I’d buy these again, but I did enjoy them, which is saying a lot for a candy cynic like me. If you like the idea of a lemon custard candy, then I’m pretty sure you’ll love these. Check out the link for an overpriced but not horrible price for 2 packs.

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  1. EatExploreEtc

    I wanted to get these before I moved, but didn’t have the time or money! Absolutely gutted, because I think they look awesome.

    • Jonny

      Click the Amazon link!! Nothing’s too pricey for a candy lover 🙂

  2. Matty G

    And yet these look exactly like the kind of thing I’d love. Want some.


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