How do you make Starburst better? How do you make it a LOT better?

Reviewed by Jonny

May 4, 2018

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Hey guys. I got one for ya today.  A good one.

An American staple candy.  A candy that’s EVERYWHERE.  Big during Halloween, big at the grocery store, TV commercials, etc.  Like….pretty much the king of the hill.  I’m talking about Starburst.  But at the same time, I’m not talking about Starburst.  I’m talking about the elevated next level version.  Welcome to Puchao.


I know.  A lot of information and colors to take in here, so let’s go slow. Starting on top, we have the fruit flavor variety.  Strawberry, Melon, Mango & the always awesome Grape. The other bag is “Bubbly Soda” flavored, with cola and Ramune.  Ramune is an ever present Japanese candy and soda flavor that’s really quite wonderful.  I used to describe it as Tutti-Frutti, but that’s not doing it justice.  I honestly don’t know what it tastes like exactly, save for that it’s extremely iconic and always consistent.

All of these flavors are good, but I’d say the melon is the weakest.  Truly though, not a bad one in the bunch.  However….the flavors oddly aren’t even the strongest point about these things.   But before we get there, I bet you’re thinking “Hey, are these as good as Hi-Chews?


We’ve all had Hi-Chews at this point right? THOSE were the Starburst killer, the revelation that chews could actually have intense flavor, be a little harder, and thus, much more magnificent.  I like Hi-Chews. For me though, these are better, and it isn’t close.

These things are even chewier than Hi-Chews.  Additionally though, they have a little secret.  See..inside them, there’s a few little gummi-hard gummy-balls.


I know.  It’s nuts, right?

Alright, so above, we’re looking at the Ramune flavored piece.  You can see the green gummy ball, and above it, a tiny sour powdered flavor explosion pack 2.0.

You want these right now, right?


The experience is really great.  Intense flavors, chewy, with this added layer of slightly different textures and consistencies.  It’s all tied together with the great flavors, but…it’s a new, much better chew candy experience, I promise.


Who’s ready for the best part?  Amazon Prime, baby.  Easily accessible.

Who’s ready for the even bester part? These are available in Safeway grocery stores in California, so I assume that means other states too.  The shit’s just SITTING there next to the Sri Racha sauce, asking you to add it to your basket-in both flavors.


So go out, or click the link, and pick these up.  I promise, it’s gonna ruin you for Starburst.  Hell, it might ruin you for Hi-Chews too.





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  1. Rebecca

    I recently discovered Puchao when searching Amazon for Japanese candies. I love Hi-Chew. I absolutely LOVE Hi-Chew. I ordered the Puchao melon flavor for a try to see how it compared to Hi-Chew. I was not disappointed but I do not like it as much as I like Hi-Chew. I have a variety pack of Puchao on its way to me so I hope to be swayed by different flavors. I am particularly looking forward to the Ramune Soda flavor. I’ve had several Japanese candies in this flavor that I have thoroughly enjoyed, especially the Lion Soda hard candy.

  2. Matty

    well. I mean. This kind of looks like the perfect candy. TBPF.

    • Doraima

      Oh cool! Puchao, this brand has better soft chews because it is filled with a jelly ball inside of it. The chew is just right and not too soft like Hi-Chew. My favorite flavors are Soda and cola flavors.


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