Haribo Balla Stixx: How could these not be great

Come on let's take the long cut I think that's what we need

Reviewed by Matty

December 11, 2018

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If you haven’t done the math yet on The Candy Gurus, let’s just say we like Haribo. No need for me to drone on and on about that. Haribo is great. Best gummy available, generally speaking. Done.

Here we are with Balla Stixx, sent from fave super fan Susie.

Wow these Stixx are long. Like a foot. Like maybe too long for adults to eat in public.

I love how they are labeled: “Red” as if that’s the flavor. ‘Yeah we don’t beat around the bush. These are red. Deal with it. Love it.’

Ever seen the other Balla candies? These are those but uncut. This version tasted exactly like old school Sour Power Strawberry Belts, with a soft fondant-like center. No real flavor to the center as far as I could tell though.

Yes, these are sour. And the sour is sour. Not just tangy and tarty. Thankfully.

Yes, I’d buy these again. (Although I didn’t buy them to start. They were sent from Susie, our favorite person.)

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