Dandy’s Cola Sparkling Candy

Cola and sparkling are candy hot buttons for me.  I hear either, and I generally want it.  But both?  Makes me think back to the amazing Super Cola hard candy we tried a few months back from Nobel.  Could these come close?  I DON’T KNOW, WE”LL HAVE TO TRY THEM FIRST.


Hmm.  Bag looks…like it could go either way.  I’m kinda digging the color scheme, but on the other hand, it also kinda looks like a dollar store brand offering.  Not sure, but definitely appreciate the cross sectional diagram at the bottom, science-style, showing the “fizzy filling”.  The primary colored stars scare me, though.  They remind me of clowns.


The cola taste is ok, very sweet.  The filling is semi-fizzy, and I know this because the first one I popped into my mouth immediately split open, right in half, pouring the fizz on to my tongue.  Now the powder’s gone, and I have two sweet cola halves.  Joy.

For comparison’s sake, I should point out that the fizz/sour factor on these pales in comparison to that of Zotz, the candy these are most similar too.  Literally, they’re like a copy of a copy of a copy-each time, losing a little bit of flavor and authenticity.  Like that movie “Multiplicity” with Michael Keaton.  Learn from it.


These are alright, but definitely nothing special, as nothing about them is “great”.  I wont recommend you buy them, but you also might enjoy them just fine if you do.  Middle of the road, neither great nor horrible, they’re the candy version of Mumford & Sons.  Or 7-Up.  Or “The Purge”. Use this information wisely.



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