Super Cola

I thought cola candy couldn't get any better, and like always, I was wrong.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 20, 2014


We reviewed “Super Lemon” a few years back, and until a few weeks ago, I thought that was that.  Turns out, there’s a new Super in the family.


I paid WAY too much for these at a local Ranch 99 – an indoor mall of Asian stores and restaurants.  Fun place, but  the candy store there aint cheap.



….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I forgot to photograph the candy itself.  Thankfully, that’s not a huge deal: they’re round, slightly dusted hard candies.

What IS a big deal is that these blew me away.  I’ve had lots of cola candy in my day, but not a ton of sour cola candy.  Or rather, super sour candy.  These are intense.  You start out with Warheads-level sour on the outside of the candy, which gently gives way to the intense classic Asian cola flavor-one of my favorites.  The sour lingers all the way through, although it wears down in a consistent way, till al you’re left with is a delicious slightly tart cola hard candy.

I adore these.  And now I know why I paid so much- they’re really not available here in the US.  However, you can certainly find them on Ebay (link below), which I recommend doing. In fact, I think I’m doing it too.  Right.  Now.

UPDATE: here they are:

Zolli Candy


  1. H

    These are my favorite candy of all time. It’s both, the best sour cola candy and the best cola candy afaik.

  2. Random Person

    I love these! They’re crazy sour!

  3. John

    It didn’t fit in my pee hole but still tasted good!

  4. aaron

    muy bien

  5. RuntDastardly

    I’m posting this on 8/28/17, so I don’t know if this is a new thing or not, but, there’s definitely some kind of sour fizzy powder *inside* the cola hard candy, in addition to that incredibly sour dusting on the outside.

    The interior fizz kicks in a few seconds after you’ve sucked the sour off of the candy, and you’re mostly tasting that (great!) cola flavor. It feels like it’s fizzing out of a tiny hole in the candy itself.

    I love these things. SO sour, SO yummy, SO addictive!

    • matty

      agreed. so good

    • r

      mmmm just trying this for the first time and can confirm that the fizzy powder inside the cola candy is GENIUS. love love love it

  6. barffly

    Bought from World Market. First taste is sour to the extreme of sour, but I will buy again.

    My eating experience can be best summarized as “ouch ouch ouch nom nom nom ouch nom nom nom….want another”

  7. Kirakira

    Available at World Market. Right now. For maximum face-shoving ability.

  8. mattycandy

    Eaten. Likened. Boughting. Eaten more.


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