Chomp: Compounded Chocolate Flavor

Let me compound your interest in compound chocolate.

Reviewed by Matty

May 1, 2018


A friend from the Australias brought me this Chomp bar. I think she said it’s one of her favorites.

Indeed, there is something utterly likable about these Chomp bars. They are long and thinnish, and easy to eat. The texture is fantastic. Kinda like a Kit Kat, not as crunchy though, and chewier. Flakier too, and a bit looser, but not crumby… if that makes sense. The caramel makes the Chomp bar texture like Tunnock’s Caramel bar, which is a superb specimen of candy.

Yet, there’s something simply forgettable about the Chomp, as well: the flavors. The Chomp has a marshmallow thing going on, which I don’t mind, but I don’t taste the caramel – I only feel it. Plus, the chocolate is below average.

And if you think I’m just some lame hobbyist reviewer who doesn’t know anything about chocolate, and you’re wondering how I could possibly write a review of your favorite Chomp bar and call the chocolate average… Well, I’m not the only one calling it that. In fact, the bar is actually calling itself that. The Chomp package says it’s made with “compound chocolate.”

Wait, what is compound chocolate you ask? I quote: “a product made from a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat, and sweeteners…a lower-cost alternative to true chocolate, as it uses less-expensive hard vegetable fats…in place of the more expensive cocoa butter. It is often used in less expensive candy bars to replace enrobed chocolate on a product.”

Let’s call a spade a spade. Compound chocolate is crap chocolate.

Yet, I like this bar.

As I wrote above, there is something utterly eatable about it. But if you want 5 stars, and you want me to procure you over and over again – and you insist on being made with a weak chocolate coating? Then your innards better be outstanding, not just “eatable.”

Dead set on some compound chocolate? Do us all a favor and get a Charleston Chew. The Chew is longer, bigger, chewier, with more vanilla marshmallow and quite unique. The Chomp is like the Chew’s 2nd cousin once removed.

The Chomp? Sure I’ll eat it when I get it for free. But I’m not dashing out to buy a box of 52.

But you can. Right here:

(Just a note that if you are looking to procure, and you don’t recognize the main pic above, it’s because the Chomp is made by Cadbury and this version is the Aussie version, which has a dinosaur on the package, and is longer and thinner than the UK one.)

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  1. David Acheson

    I was going to jump on the ‘compounding is for losers’ bandwagon, until I read what the FDA has to say about it: “In general, compounding is a practice in which a licensed pharmacist, a licensed physician, or, in the case of an outsourcing facility, a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes, or alters ingredients …”

    Whoa. Experts have to execute the process, most likely in white lab coats. I have new-found respect for compounded chocolate! I will eschew the Charleston Chew in favor of the Cadbury Chomp next time I’m in the Commonwealth.

    • Matty

      Careful of those scientists. They believe in global warming too, and I heard from the president that the world is actually getting colder. #HesSmartBecauseHesPresidant

  2. Jonny

    Hard hitting review. Doing the tough work. Keep on keepin’ on.


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