CARAMEL: Tunnock’s Biscuit of Love

Call them CARAMEL bars. But I'm not yelling at you about it, I swear.

Reviewed by Matty

August 23, 2016


I love these Tunnock CARAMEL bars.

(I capitalize CARAMEL because they do so on the package. Also, no one I know is calling these things “Tunnock bars”… at least I don’t think so… they’d call it a CARAMEL bar. But the name is so generic for all of us who don’t know these and can’t get them in the corner shop that if I just said “hey buy these Caramel bars” you’d be like, wait what? So let’s just agree to call them CARAMEL bars and move on yes? #greatthanks


I’ve already opined ad nauseum about European candies, and these are from Scotland which is currently still a part of Europe – sorry no one’s actually Brexited yet, and the Scots said they actually don’t want to exit… but I digress. These CARAMEL bars aren’t new to our UK friends. Not new to me either. Thank you workmate Lindsay for bringing me back a bunch of candy from her last trip, and these immediately reminded me of my younger days when I ate like a trillion as part of Tea Time, living in Cardiff Wales oh so many moons ago.

You might want to eat trillions too.

For one, they look like a Kit Kat – which is the candy bar equivalent of looking like Cindy Crawford – AMIRIGHT?! Only fatter and thicker. The wafer part of the CARAMEL also gives it its Kit Katish figure, but these are chewy in a “is-it-actually-a-little-stale?-not-sure-but-I-dig-it” way.


CARAMEL bars were born in 1952, and it appears from their web site the general concoction hasn’t changed much. They are ‘5 layers of wafer, 4 layers of caramel, fully coated in chocolate’ and about 3/4 of the size of a regular Snickers. I’d give them 5 stars if they were like 1 inch longer – I ate it all too fast. Yet, there’s just something super solid about these: old school meets simple meets original meets crunchy and chewy with a dash of nostalgia. Perfect with tea. Note that this ain’t like organic, touch of salt, super gourmet. If that’s the caramel you want, don’t get these.

I’ve seen them in a few U.S. stores that import UK sweets but not many, so procure your Scottish sweeties here: get a huge box here.

Zolli Candy


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