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Reviewed by Matty

September 17, 2012


The Choclatique folks sent us some chocolate. So happy. They make good stuff. We reviewed it before. I was expecting something crazy, like the moon rocks they sent us a few years back. Or it could be anything on this page:

Choclatique List

(Also check it out online)

Maybe Creme Caramel, or Hot Hot Cocoa. How about Root Beer Float or Fluff-a-Nutter? Great names, I assume great tastes, and all made by the US-based chocolatier.


This is what we got:

Donkeys and Elephants

Actually, we got this first. Since this is the outside of the box:


Look at that box. These people are for real. They put together a nicer box than I would have for my mom’s 70th birthday, and I’m just an idiot part-time candy reviewer.

When I opened up the original package I thought I hit the jackpot! But honestly, when I opened up the box and saw these:

Elephant and Donkey again

I was disappointed. Chocolates for the democrats and republicans. White chocolate outside of a fudgy, creamy dark chocolate.

Open chocolates

Maybe the perfect gift for election night?
For the couple who are split by party lines?
For your friend who doesn’t know which way to vote?

Not sure. I’m confused. I try not to mix candy and politics.

Anyhoo — the chocolates were ok. I personally don’t care for white chocolate. Too sickly sweet with a sweaty flavor. The dark creamy chocolate in the center was good, but the white chocolate (actually, blue and red too, depending on if you were eating the demo donkey or the repub elephant … or is it the other way around?) was more pervasive.

Not for me.

Still, these cats can make confections, I’m sure of it. So give em a try. And one thing they got right is that you should vote. If you are reading this in a country that allows you to vote on its leaders, take that power and use it.

Zolli Candy


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