Carmel Fruitys: Sour Cola & Sour Cherry

Sour cola and sour cherry sound wonderful. Even if you would like some of these, you can't have any.

Reviewed by Matty

June 12, 2018


Zero gelatin, dairy and fat free. Sour cola and sour cherry flavored candies. From the picture on the cover, I couldn’t wait to dig in –

– but I had to do a little sleuthing to start.  The front of the package is all in English and I would have sworn they are created by a small, local California vendor. But they spelled it “gelatine” and when I turned the package over, I read multiple languages at play, including Arabic. These must be from Europe via Susie, the super fan.

Man-oh-man how I hoped they would be super chewy, like chewy sweeTARTS consistency. Because the flavors to start, are spot on. Very sour and very cherry (or very cola) as you begin sucking on these bad boys. The sour is supplied by the sugar crystals on top, and the flavors still come through. The sour sugar wears off while the flavors stay, which is nice, but the candy texture itself isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s softly gritty, crumbling as you chew and gets stuck in the teeth. Within 15 seconds, the sour is gone, and we’re left with a disintegrating candy that isn’t unlike the Razzle (which us Gurus don’t love).

Supposedly these have 100% natural “flavour” (though who knows what that really means) and they do taste authentic and not fake or saccharine-y.  With the right consistency, these things could have been a goto. However, the Carmel Fruitys Sour Cola & Sour Cherry leave this reviewer cold.

Strangest thing about these is I can’t find them anywhere on the internet. Like, NOwhere. Perhaps the Google’s broke…? Thus, if you wanted to try them, you are SOL for now. Unless you sweet talk Susie.

Zolli Candy


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