Alpenbauer Gipfelgluck: German for “eh” ?

They look like they should be awesome. ... Eh.

Reviewed by Matty

May 9, 2016


They look so good; like mini alpine mountains, in pretty colors, dusted with sugar. I wanted to open the package the minute I got it but I waited for a whole 28 hours. Now it’s Sunday night and I’m ready for some gummy love. Although I can’t read German, I know the Alpenbauer Gipfelgluck have Vitamin C in them, sometimes that makes theses kinds of candies sour and even juicy. Plus they look thick and chewy, a gummy must for me. Things are looking up!


And so here I am! Opening the package. Sharing a few with the kids. Ready to love them!


Like my littlest one said, “they taste like sour patch without the sourness.”

These are fine. Nothing to write home about. Your basic, run-o-the-mill gummy candies. A little tartness, maybe from the Vitamin C, but not much. Different colors, which makes me think the flavors would vary but they don’t really. Maybe a tad, but nothing I can really discern. They are thick, which is nice, but they aren’t a hard gummy like most Haribo; they melt down in the mouth pretty quickly.


Look, not every candy from Germany can be a homerun. We know that, and that’s fine. But if yr going to go out and buy the European goods, there are others. May I suggest these Haribo Spaghetti fizz or these Saure Schnuller?

Zolli Candy


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