Zagnut: And I’m not eating these all day long becaauuse…

What do you get when you eat a Zagnut bar? Like totally happy and then pissed cuz it's gone.

Reviewed by Matty

July 24, 2015


Jesus these Zagnut bars are good. I mean they are so freaking good. They are like my favorite candy ever and I’ve had maybe 3 bites in my whole life and it was in the last 4 minutes.


“Crunchy peanut butter toasted coconut” is what it says on the side of the package but it should say “just like butterfinger only really crunchy and kinda soft in the middle and really just really good and highly eatable.”

(Copywriting aint my strong suit.)

These are really crunchy, way more than I expected. And the texture and taste is like the inside of a Butterfinger, with that flaky crunchy but still stick-in-your teeth goodness. Not as sweet as Butterfingers though, and there is a thin layer of soft peanut butter in the middle, almost creamy. And the coconut? Please. Ridiculous. I love coconut. Even the soft kind in a Mounds and Almond Joy. In the Zagnut, the coconut coats the outside and it’s toasted so it keeps these things crunchy. Toasting it also tones down the coconut flavor, which the kids might like, although I could do with more.


Wanna know what sucks? I just finished my Zagnut bar.

Why oh why are these things not on every shelf in every Walgreen’s, CVS, Safeway and Trader Joe’s? Seriously. Why? I will literally stop what I”m doing right now and


I LITERALLY just went and bought a box of these Zagnut bars.
That’s it.

Review over.

You go and get these.

Peanut butter fans who like crunchy things will rejoice.

Zolli Candy


  1. Barbara B

    I meant Mallocups!

  2. Barbara B

    Here in Michigan we have a grocery store chain called Meijer that sells these and I will pick one up for my husband every so often. They are in one aisle by the registers which is full of what they consider “old-timey” candy like Fruit Stripe gum, Mallobars, Bit o’Honey, those wax bottles of liquid, those burlap bags of gum (Goldrush maybe?), and those dots of sugar on wax paper.

  3. jonnyguru

    How the hell could two gurus be so dumb that they’ve never eaten this week into their 20’s??? Time for us to smarten up! (Note: not currently 20)


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