Yummy Earth: Granolas with a Taste for Gummis

Organic gummis - whodathunk the greenies could make stellar gummies?

Reviewed by Matty

October 19, 2009

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Candygurus have this stoopid cwazy aspiration to not only review treats but make them someday. We love to cook. We love to eat. We have no idea how to make candy. It’s the perfect blend of daydream and idiocy.

One reason we think we should make candy and not just write coarse prose about it, is that we’re always amazed at how often candy tastes nothing like it’s supposed to. Is it really that difficult to eek out a true watermelon flavor? It ALREADY freaking EXISTS. Ever lived in a season called summer and go to a store to buy a big oval-round green fruit that’s red in the inside with black seeds? Yeah me too. That flavor is watermelon. Take it. Grind it into a gummi. Let age for 12 months. Sell.

But I guess it isn’t as easy as all that since as far as I can tell no one can really do it.
Until now.
The hippies at Yummy Earth have figured some shit out and let me tell you — whatever they’ve done, I sure as hell hope they patented it. Because if they haven’t, I’m stealing it. They should consider themselves warned.


Thanks to Yummy Earth for the pics. I didn’t take close-ups since the candy simply looks like pale gummis.

No matter what these cats seem to make, they taste pretty right on. I’m actually ‘reviewing’ two things here – organic gummy bears and gummy worms with Vitamin C – but also referring to their hard candies and lollipops, which Jon reviewed recently. The pomegranate tastes like pomegranate. The strawberry tastes like strawberry. The snozzberry tastes like snozzberry. The tastes are strikingly strong, not in the back of the mouth but in the front. They are floral and leave an impression — once down your gullet, you can still taste them.

And even though I’ve been going on about taste this whole time the truth is – the real reason I like these gummis is their texture. They are reasonably tough and chewy out of the bag. No aging required. They ain’t like Trolli bears and worms, which are way too chewy (not to mention no gumption or discernible flavors…)

My only issue with these Yummy Earth gummis is that they are all natural and organic and without MSG and no peanut trees were anywhere near where they made them and they didn’t skin a single varmint so how am I to expect my body will just as easily take in the other crap it used to be used to? Not sure ’twill be so easy.



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  1. Hankness

    i’m presently enjoying a blueberry/tooberry lollypop from Yummy Earth. Organic is nice, right?

  2. Scotty

    Nicely said Matty and way to go on the discount. Don’t be foolish – use the discount – buy a ton of these, the Lollies, the hard can nibs and anything else they have. These candies are right on – great taste and consistency and natural. Really, WTF. Snozzberries – what else would they taste like.

  3. greebs

    Just for the snozzberry reference, I love this review … but I do really want to try some of these bad boys as well! Nice job, Yummy Earth and of course the Candy Gurus.


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