Yogurt Jelly: Strange Yet Refreshing Korean Sweet

Korean candy of a Japanese drink that's called yogurt and tastes like fruit. nnnnnnkkkkkaaaay

Reviewed by Matty

July 25, 2017

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If you are a product from “Korea” (as it says on the package) can I assume it’s South Korea and not North Korea? Because we’re supposed to be scared of North Korea. Right? And probably not eating candy from them. Right?

It’s all very confusing.

Korea should come together. Just like America has, where we all love each other and have no political differences.


I received these “Yogurt Jelly” coke-bottle-shaped candy from super fan Grace, who says these are some of her favorite Asian candies.

Grace wrote a super nice note expressing just how wonderful Jonny and I are (I’m not one to argue), and asked for more videos. (Which is possible. Let’s be honest: no one’s clamoring for more pictures of Jonny and my mugs, and although once upon a time our children were wonderfully adorable in vids, now they’re wonderfully…older, shall we say. Still, if a super fan asks, then a super fan might just get. Stay tuned on that.)

Back to these Yogurt Jelly, which are a bit of a conundrum. For one, they’re gummies, not jellies. What’s the difference you ask? Gummies are harder. Jellies can be firm at first bite but disintegrate fast and almost become loose and sticky in your mouth. Gummies tend to stay firm throughout, which these Yogurt Jelly do too much of. In fact, when I started chewing, they simply turned into 100’s of pieces. I had a mouthful of tiny gummies that only broke down when I sucked on them a long time. I much prefer a Haribo gummy that starts hard and loosens up on chewing but doesn’t break up into smaller hard gummy bits.

The flavor of these are fascinating. They taste like Yakult*, which is a yogurt drink that doesn’t taste like yogurt. The candies don’t taste like yogurt either, nor milk, although both yogurt and fermented milk are listed as ingredients. These candies are straight up tutti frutti: loads of different fruits mishmashed into a general fruit flavor. Plus, they are almost juicy and refreshing – like a cold drink, which I liked These would have received 4 stars if not for the texture (see above).

*An oddly small Japanese yogurt drink good for digestion and that tastes strangely fruity.

The package looks like Yakult too. And the maker of these – Vilac – appear to make Yakult-like yogurt drinks as well, but in Korea – and not Japan…where Yakult is made…by the company called Yakult.

All very confusing.

International commerce aside, finding these stateside may be difficult. I’m pretty certain Grace bought these from an Asian grocer in Utah, which is surprising to me and also suggests you could possibly find them in your ‘not-too-big-a-city-of-a-hometown’ if that describes where you live. We did find something very similar on Amazon, just scroll for the link.

The long and short of it:
– Grace is awesome.
– These candies are strange and good, if you can find them.
– We may do more videos because we’re so handsome.


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  1. Name

    Just to clarify for you. This gummy is based off of a Korean yogurt drink pronounced (yo-goo-luu-tuh[t sound idk how to write it]) that tastes like yacult but better. Yacult copied it because lots of people liked it

  2. David Acheson

    My rating for this review is 5+++ stars because I’m a big fan of both Matty–and Grace. I’m paid to say that, as her father.

    I’m jealous because Grace reserved the Yogurt Jelly Original for Matty; I didn’t get a chance to taste a single one. Guess I’ll have to trundle on down to Provo, Utah’s apparently well-stocked Asian grocery store and buy some for myself!

    I’m on my way . . .

    Thanks for reviewing these sweet treats, Matty.

    • Matty

      Thanks for the thanks! 🙂


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