Wooden Table’s Bon Bons: Semi-sweet & Fully Tasty

Super Bon Bon Super Bon Bon Bon

Reviewed by Matty

November 15, 2016

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I waffle on how much I love bespoke, specialized candies. On the one hand, I totally appreciate the craftmanship, the (usually) top notch ingredients, and the sheer attention small batch candy makers give to their wares. On the other hand, if I’m looking to gorge my face, eat for eating sake, and I’m not in the mood to relish clever flavors – then I’d just assume leave specialized candies in their doilies.

But these, these Wooden Table Baking Company Bon Bons – or A&C Bon Bons, as it says on the package – well let’s just say don’t break these out the day after marijuana is legalized in your state because, no offense stoners, these are better than that. Much better.


A&C Bon Bons look like all the exquisite-ish chocolates you can get now – thick, the shape of a heart, with a painted lace-like top finish. I expected a general high-end chocolate candy with nothing to necessarily call out. I’ve seen similar looking chocolates as wedding favors. But see, this is where prejudging gets ya. This is why reviewing candy is like a microcosm of the world. Because you might think these are run-o-the-mill, but no. These are semi- spectacular, and it’s all because of the semi-sweet chocolate.


I had no idea how much I liked semi-sweet chocolate until now. We all know milk chocolate, and most of us discerning candy aficionados love dark chocolate. But semi-sweet, I mean, that’s what they make Tollhouse Cookies with AMIRIGHT? I am. And those things are delish. So why in god’s name am I surprised that taking the semi-sweet chocolate out of a cookie and parlaying its flavors into its own little creation, is so yummy?


Well who cares. These are good. Not too sweet (OHMYGODITSAYSTHATINTHENAME), even a tad bitter like dark chocolate but understated. And these Bon Bons, they are filled with dulce de leche, and not a shit ton of it either. Just the right amount, which amounts to a decent dab of a caramel-type center that has a heavier sweetness – making this whole morsel a fine little treat.

Looking to impress your new date? Invite her over, make her dinner, serve a good Pinot or Merlot, and drop these bad boys on her/him/them. Hey, you do you. But whatever you do, grab a few of these A&C Bon Bons and support local artisans.

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