Want Some Free Sky Bars? UPDATED AGAIN!*

*And we have our lucky give-away receivers! (See how I didn’t say “winners”? Cuz yr all winners! Kinda. Anyhoo.)
Here are the top 5 vote getters, in order, for best pie-in-the-sky candy idea. Interestingly, many had “pie” in theme!
1. Salted Caramel M&Ms. This got the most votes because perhaps it’s a FANTASTIC idea. Nice job James.
2. 4-sided square lollipop with realistic flavors that mesh into each other. Another great idea from Josh who works for…wait for it…a candy company. Figures.
3. Bite sized pie pockets covered in dark chocolate. Like I said, pie was a top theme this year. Screw you cupcakes.
4. Fried chicken and waffle bites. Perhaps this one should have been on top for the shear ballsiness of the idea. Would love to try these.
5. Pecan Pie and Key Lime Popper pie bites. Again, pie is SO in this year. Not sure how we’ll manage getting both these idea mavens some bars but we’ll figure it out.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part. So much fun, no? And now, let’s get some of these candies off the ground!

For all you folks who provided the clever candy takes, we’ll be in touch shortly if we don’t already have your snail mail. Cool!

Unless it’s being offered from some weird old man in a van. And this isn’t! This is offered by us, via the good people at The Candy Land Store (www.thecandylandstore.com). They’re a new-ish web storefront with loads of…wait for it…candy! And other sweets.

I quickly perused their New Arrivals section, which includes something called “7 Days Croissant Cherry Filling“, which looks positively ridoncurous!

The goods we’re giving away are Sky Bars.

These babies, born in 1938 from Necco (and perhaps in their original packaging…) are pieces of filled chocolate, attached to each other, with separate fudge, vanilla, caramel and peanut butter centers. Little beauties. So of course you want them.

And dammit we’re prepared to send some to you. Here’s how you’ll procure them:

We want your pie-in-the-sky (get it?) candy idea! If you could make your ideal candy, what would it be? Send us the description.

(Keep it short, yo. Like this: A real tough gummi that tastes like actual watermelon and when you bite in, actual watermelon juice floods out. And don’t send us that one.)

We’ll gather the descriptions, list them on Facebook and ask our ‘friends’/readers for their Top 5. (You our friend yet? Go and become one now.) If you get in the top 5, you win 5 full-sized Sky Bars, which we’ll send to you, free of charge and anywhere in the world!

Sounds good, yes? Here are the most important details:

  • We’re starting now. Send us your descriptions by commenting on this post.
  • On Wednesday June 27, we’ll get the descriptions up on Facebook.
  • You and your friends vote for the best ideas through Sunday July 1 (on Facebook) and we’ll announce the lucky 5 on Monday July 2.

So leave your pie-in-the-sky candy descriptions now, below, and Let’s DO THIS!

13 thoughts on “Want Some Free Sky Bars? UPDATED AGAIN!*

  1. 4-sided square lollipop (edges and corners are rounded) each side has it’s own realistic flavor. I envision a version with Peanut Butter (real salty), Grape Jelly, Marshmallow, and Banana. maybe make it slightly chewy so they all converge into a salty & sweet, delicious disaster. Maybe the texture of a Sugar Daddy or Now & Laters.

  2. Pecan Pie Bites: A layer of shortbread covered with a salty firmer layer of pecan pie filling covered in pieces of jumbo pecans. Packaged with teeny tiny cans of whipped cream!

  3. Fairly simple but I’d call these Key Lime poppers. A good key lime gummi in the shape of a piece of pie surrounded by a graham cracker coating. Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy….

  4. Bite-sized pie pockets covered in dark chocolate. Ones with a pastry shell that is crispy, in the perfect ratio to the filling/chocolate, and with blueberry/cherry/meringue filling that’s moist and not gummy!

  5. Cherry Pie Poppers. Light flaky crust dusted with sugar and inside a small dollop of pie filling and a small layer of whipped cream. Grab, unwrap, open and pop.

  6. Fried chicken and waffle bites: The crunchy/greasy/flaky outer crust gives way to reveal a second layer of soft-shell Belgian goodness. Once you break through the outer defenses, your maw discovers a gooey core reminiscent of chicken meat and maple syrup and hot sauce. Then you blackout. 

  7. A chocolate bar, made from Cadbury chocolate (I love the flavor) with layers oreo cookies, chunky peanut butter and malted milk.  Crunchy, sweet and creamy.

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