Vollmilch-Münzen: Hazelnut and milk are delightful

Don't overlook old school German candy yo

Reviewed by Matty

October 8, 2021

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Been reviewing candy for like 12 years now. Which is ridiculous, yes. I know.

When something comes along that makes me think, “I like. I want more. How have I not reviewed these yet?” — that means that

A. I don’t get out, nor read enough


B. There’s still an absurd amount of sweets in the world I haven’t a clue about.

For example, we have the the Vollmilch-Münzen, or as translated from Google: “whole milk coins.” From what I can gather, these little round coin-shaped morsels (more like a thick pound Sterling coin than a U.S. quarter) are an old school German treat that multiple purveyors make. This is amazing to me because the München are very specific in texture and taste. They come from “a classic recipe,” according to the Edel candy company, and they aren’t simply a piece of chocolate, a ‘chew’ or ‘hard candy.’

Opening the bag, the aroma is sweet milk and maybe cocoa. Pop them in your mouth and the taste is Tootsie Roll chocolate, but maybe it’s not chocolate at all…it’s hazelnut. And vanilla. The texture is hard and I assumed it would be a typical boiled sweet or bon bon. But no, there is a thin underside that melts pretty fast as you suck, and gives a nice soft center…with…Nutella maybe? The milkiness is throughout, they aren’t too sweet, and I kept wanting to eat more – a nice combination of hard-into-soft.

I’m pro Tootsie roll tasting milk candy that’s both hard and soft and if I could vote for them I would vote “yay.” And if I could buy them then I’d buy them here.

4+ solid stars.

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