Unicorn Poop: There’s a Lot Out There

Colorful poop you can eat and that's hard

Reviewed by Matty

June 14, 2017

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Ok folks I get it. Yes, Unicorn poop is hilarious because you see IT’S SO COLORFUL.

I agree, I’m jaded. I’ve been hearing the term “unicorn poop” for a few years and I’m just not super excited about it. I can’t do the “OMG SO FUNNY” reaction anymore. Simply too many things market, mention, reference, and talk about unicorn poop now.

In fact, so many things talk about it that I couldn’t even find these candies on the world wide internets of web sites that sell candy.

Luckily I had the website of these little novelty morsels at the ready – vintageconfections.com

If I haven’t made it clear, this is a novelty I’m tired of. So sadly for these folks, I wasn’t a fan going in.

Sure, the colors are nice, and the aroma from the tin is lovely.

The smooth pellets have all sorts of flavors – I taste bubblegum sometimes, lemon, maybe strawberry or general berry amongst others. I thought they’d be simply ordinary and at first – I gotta be honest – they are. Yet they’re small enough that you can kinda eat a lot without feeling like you DID eat a lot. And they last a long time in your mouth if you don’t bite them.

OK, yes, I wouldn’t buy these, ever. However, if you have a tween buying candy gifts for her Sweet 13 party, go for it. The room will be filled with little girl laughs and there’s nothing poopy about happiness.

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