Twizzler Minis Filled Twists

Like their cousins. Kissing cousins.

Reviewed by Matty

July 2, 2019


Can I start a review of Twizzlers without addressing the question of which is better, Twizzlers or Red Vines?

While there’s nothing new about that query, there IS something new about these Twizzler minis — it says so in the upper right hand corner.

And yet methinks these aren’t reallllllly new besides the size. Jonny wrote about Twizzlers Sweet and Soft Sour Poo Nozzles in a charming review all the way back in 2010. “Inside each…tube,” he said, “is a soft, sticky, ‘goo’. Not a wet juice type thing, but more a spongy soft candy poo, just waiting to be dribbled into your mouth.”

Alas, these Twizz minis appear to be very similar. They feel like they came right out of the factory: super soft. Not the hard plastic texture I actually enjoy about original Twizzlers. These need some open bag time, and preferably in a fridge.

The flavors of the Twizz Minis are very new and actually quite good. Previously I wouldn’t have put ‘great flavor’ in the same sentence with ‘Twizzlers’ but I can now. Strawberry lemonade is right on, and refreshing enough that I want Haribo to make this flavor. The strawberry watermelon is not quite as on point, but still solid.

I also liked how we get a decent amount of candy in this bag (which is probably the size you’d get at the movie theater).

Like their 2010 counterparts Jonny reviewed, the Twizz Minis stick together, but again, a good aging process will remedy that.

I give these Twizz Minis a solid 3.5, while the big question of Twizz vs Red Vines still hangs in the air…

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