Tru Sweet Candy Canes: A Halloween Treat!

Damn it’s been while since I’ve posted anything to our site. My BAD! However, I have been busy as all get out, and watching baseball just about every night throughout October so cut a guru some slack yo!

Candy Canes for Halloween?!
The fine people at Tru Sweets (or is it Surf Sweets since it’s the same company as far as I can tell…) have created an all-natural, gluten-free, corn syrup-free candy cane that tastes like something Santa could get behind. Watch all about it here:


You can get these things starting this month at Whole Foods, according to their press release, so go forth young hipsters, and fill your stockings with these tannish/lite red treats!



6 thoughts on “Tru Sweet Candy Canes: A Halloween Treat!

  1. I loved this review because of the trick or treating you shared with us AND the great Giants t-shirt segment! Rock on, Candy Gurus!

  2. Yeah, candy canes are ok, and I liked the bit with the kids(really cute ones, where did you find them) but, I love chocolate. I love licorice. So, why not a chocolate licorice candy, or ice cream or anything!!

  3. New fan here! Keep it up gurus…will be tuning in! By the way and p.s., Martha rocks! How cool is it to win a bag of candy from total strangers?! Stranger danger! Haha…just playing!

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