Tru Sweet Candy Canes: A Halloween Treat!

Reviewed by Matty

November 4, 2010


Damn it’s been while since I’ve posted anything to our site. My BAD! However, I have been busy as all get out, and watching baseball just about every night throughout October so cut a guru some slack yo!

Candy Canes for Halloween?!
The fine people at Tru Sweets (or is it Surf Sweets since it’s the same company as far as I can tell…) have created an all-natural, gluten-free, corn syrup-free candy cane that tastes like something Santa could get behind. Watch all about it here:


You can get these things starting this month at Whole Foods, according to their press release, so go forth young hipsters, and fill your stockings with these tannish/lite red treats!



Zolli Candy


  1. Juls

    New fan here! Keep it up gurus…will be tuning in! By the way and p.s., Martha rocks! How cool is it to win a bag of candy from total strangers?! Stranger danger! Haha…just playing!

  2. matty

    Licorice review coming this week, Bobby my boy!

  3. Robert The Big

    Yeah, candy canes are ok, and I liked the bit with the kids(really cute ones, where did you find them) but, I love chocolate. I love licorice. So, why not a chocolate licorice candy, or ice cream or anything!!

  4. Matty

    Nice Martha!
    You win candy.
    Send us an email – – with your snail mail and we’ll get you some goods.

  5. Martha

    I loved this review because of the trick or treating you shared with us AND the great Giants t-shirt segment! Rock on, Candy Gurus!

  6. Martha

    We’re the Kids in America by Kim Wilde. What do I win? Candy?


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