Trolli Sour Crunch Crawlers package

Trolli Sour Crunchy Crawlers

Hard, Gummy, Solid and Sour

Reviewed by Matty

November 10, 2020


I like gummies in a hard shell. I learned this late in life, when I tried these Sour Brite Crawler Eggs from Trolli. And irony of ironies, here am I more than 10 years later reviewing a new incarnation of sour gummies in a crunchy shell by the same candy maker. This is either really cool or really sad.

Trolli Sour Crunchy Crawlers bag

The candies are at least 3 times the size of the original ‘eggs.’ So I wasn’t eating more than one at a time. And, in fact, I was biting them and eating one half before the other.

The shell is thick, and tough. Not chewy tough but ‘hard’ tough. I could barely break these in half with my hands. I had to bite them to get them open. I liked this. Kinda unique. Yet, the gummy was hard. So these had girth, heft, and a good chew.

Trolli Sour Crunchy Crawler candies

The sour is there, no doubt. And I like the sweet, with most of the sugar in the shell while the gummy is more low key.

Just three flavors: watermelon gummy with strawberry shell, cherry gummy with lime shell, and orange gummy with raspberry shell. Cherry and lime works. Orange and raspberry is ok but I really only taste the orange with a slight blue general sweet flavor. The watermelon strawberry only tastes like fake watermelon. But not a bad one – it’s almost the same flavor as a watermelon Jolly Rancher.

No, these didn’t wow me like the Brite Crawler Eggs did 10 year back, but I’d buy them again. The bag is big, the candy somewhat unique, and they’re fun to eat.

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