Trolli Sour Electric Crawlers package

Trolli Electric Sour Crawlers Charge into Candy Stores

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Reviewed by Matty

December 11, 2023


So new that I can’t even find them on the Trolli web site, the Electric Sour Crawlers found their way to the desks of your favorite Candy Gurus, ready to be torn into by our reviewers.

(By “desk” I mean porch, where they land when delivered. And by “reviewers” I mean Jonny and me.)

I gotta be honest with you, I don’t usually run towards Trolli gummies. I don’t run away, per se, it’s just that I live in a major cosmopolitan. I’m connected to the internet. Plentiful options I have for gummies when I am so inclined to procure. And when I’m at my local Walgreen’s, I almost always go for Haribo because they are benchmark.

Yet, as we’ve relayed before (see Jonny’s Trolli Apple gummy review), Trolli’s European wares are awesome. Thus we’ll always give Trolli the benefit of the doubt.

Trolli Electric Crawlers candy pieces

Here’s why you and I will consider a Trolli Electric Crawlers buy next time:

  • Dense texture. It feeeeeeels like they will be run-of-the-mill simple gummy. But they have a softness that’s thick. It’s a unique texture.
  • Solid flavors. Only 3 of them in total. Well, 6. Because there are three gummy types with 2 flavors each: blueberry-lemonade, mango-dragonfruit and watermelon-strawberry.
  • An “easy” eat. For whatever reason, I can eat a bag of these at a time. Not so with other gummies. Even Haribo. Although, my doctor may not care for the Crawlers’ ability to be eaten bag-at-a-time .

Still, it’s not all unicorns and whipped cream. Electric Crawlers are billed as “sour” and they’re not. They’re just a bit tangy. Also, using the adjective “electric” throws me off. I expected a mouthful of flavor. And sure, taste is solid, but shockingly good? Not quite.

As mentioned, I can’t find these yet on the Trolli site. For now, if you don’t see them in stores, get them here.

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  1. richard d rozen

    what does your dentist say about these sugar bombs?

    • Matty

      We don’t go the dentist. Are teeth important? Asking for a friend.


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