Trader Joe’s Mango! Mango! Fruit & Yogurt Gummis: Grocerific

Mango gummis from Trader Joe's are damn good. Nuff said.

Reviewed by Matty

November 14, 2011


The ‘glass half empty’ side of me thinks it’s ridiculous that a local grocery chain has better gummis than most ACTUAL gummi manufacturers. The ‘glass half full’ part of me thinks it’s awesome that a local grocery chain has its own line of gummis that are BETTER than gummis from say…Trolli.

(No offense Trolli. You do have one really good candy…mind you I can’t find them in stores anymore…)

But back to topic. These Mango! Mango! Fruit & Yogurt Gummis are uber-edible.

Mango! Mango! bag

Can’t buy them online. Need to live near a Trader Joe’s, and then you need for them to HAVE them in. Good luck with that readers in South Africa. HOWever…here’s a little secret: Trader Joe’s doesn’t make their own food. They get it from other companies who make it for them. (Yeah I know, duh.) But what I mean is that they take great pains as an organization to get good foods. They don’t carry a ton of stuff – only things they (and by ‘they’ I mean owners and employees) reallllly like. They also keep their vendors quiet: “‘Their suppliers simply don’t talk to anyone about the company…They don’t tell the outside world they have Trader Joe’s as a customer.'” Read more in Businessweek.

Can someone do a little sleuthing to figure out who makes these and how you can get them? I tried…

Ok let’s talk about the candy:

Mango! Mango! candy

First off they taste like Mango. No I don’t think I’m eating the actual fruit, but it’s all the right overtones without being general. They come out of the bag at the right size and the right heft — not too big and with a good chew. I’m sure if I aged them they’d be even better but sadly my bag never lasts more than a night or two. (That’s my one complaint: put more in the bag. Or make a bigger bag, Please, TJ’s.) There are some that are just clear orange in color, others that seem to be half yogurt (white) and some that are clear red with orange. I can’t remember if they all taste different. I just liked them all and piled them in my mouth like a fat ass. Deal with it.

So – who makes these. Foodette says these are made in Germany and I went everywhere all over Google and found no German mango gummis besides what Haribo makes and these are not them. If you live in Europe, and these look familiar, let us all know with a link and maybe we can get these good folks a few more customers.

Zolli Candy



    I just got back from Trader Joe’s; going especially to buy these wonderful Mango candies. The girl looked up these candies and said they have been discontinued!!!!! My life is over.

  2. Angela

    I just love, love, love them. Finally, a gummie candy I can appreciate!

  3. matty

    Love those caramels. Trade Joe’s gots a good thing going on.

  4. Jennifer

    I just tried these last week and love them! I did get a stomach ache after eating the whole bag. 🙂
    Have you tried the TJ’s chocolate covered caramels?? Best I’ve ever had!

  5. Me

    Is this identical with Mango Melody from Katjes?

  6. Jonny

    I totally agree. These have all the flavor and consistency I need. Even the wife likes these.


  7. Josh

    Hefty chew, great texture and fantastic flavor. I buy these every time I go grocery shopping or stop for lunch at TJ’s. I am hopelessly addicted. Having NEVER found a gummy candy even close to Haribo, these can give the big H a run for their money.


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