Toxic Waste Slime Licker: More Slime and Sour please

Roll on deodorant candy? In!

Reviewed by Matty

March 8, 2017


There is no way when the food scientists came up with these Slime Lickers Toxic Waste candy that they said, “we think the 40 year old crowd is going to go freaking WILD for these things.”

The design of these are kinda creepy and weirdly fun – they’re like ‘roll-on’ deodorant, with a small plastic ball on top of the bottle that rolls into the candy, which you then roll onto your tongue. Like the ring pop, these aren’t an ‘eat once and done’ type of confection. Slime Lickers also give you the option to close up shop and save some for later. There’s quite a lot of this candy in the bottle since you just lick off the liquid on the ball so it’ll last a long time. However, to get the candy, you kinda need to move the bottle around in your mouth and suck it out…not super fun to watch someone else eat this…

I’ll wax on more about these, below, but since I’m not the target market, let’s ask the kids:

  • “It’s not as bright and flavorful as I would have liked it….Too artificial,” said Kid A.
  • “I like the flavor and how it’s hard to get. I like sour.” It’s sour? “Yeah…Strawberry is a weird flavor to make sour since they’re supposed to be sweet. It’s fun. I like turning the thing with my tongue,” said Kid B.

My experience was totally different than Kid B’s. I don’t think they are as advertised. Toxic Waste has some good sour candies, like  Smog Balls. So I know they can do sour. But Slime Lickers aren’t really sour. They’re kinda tangy. Plus, where I expected the slime to be hair gel-like, it’s actually just a slippery liquid. Look at the before and after of the roll balls:

And I found the flavors to be general, run o’ the mill and lacking.

But one out of 2 kids totally liked it, thus the 3 stars.

In this humble reviewer’s opinion, this Slime Licker novelty is indeed novel in form, but not novel in function. I personally will stick with balls. SMOG balls. Sheesh.

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  1. Ziah

    It tastes alright but it’s very overrated probably like a 4.4/10

  2. Kaden

    I bought one from the store and it tastes very funny and it’s very dark

  3. Joshua rodriguez santana

    I’m currently eating one while typing this needs some improvement though because it’s not sour and hurts your tounge when you eat it.To much. overall it still tastes good including the blue razz flav I’m eating rn they last many hours even if you lick them continuously without stopping. the plastic ball does not allow you get that much candy sometimes and best way to get a lot of it is by sucking on the ball to get more out. very good candy though but beware of the things I just explained.

  4. Audrey

    Personally as a teenager who buys things like this for my employers kids birthdays. They seem to really like them. They last a long time and are very tasty. I’ve tried one and It was good. Ball is definitely hard to move, needs improvement.

  5. person

    can’t roll mine 4/10

  6. soslay69420

    They’re not sour but they’re rlly good imo, they do make my tongue hurt after eating them tho, I give slime lickers an 8.5/10

  7. Avery

    My tongue hurts after I eat them but they are really good, the strawberry has a oddly wierd taste. Does anyone know how to refill the bottle when it’s empty?

  8. Alix.

    I don’t know why but after eating this, my tongue started hurting. The same thing happens when I eat a lot of pineapples so I’m not to worried about that. Although, these are not ‘sour’ what so ever. Both me an my sibling tried it and we both agreed that it was not sour at all. I’d like an improvement in that aspect of the candy. Another thing to mention is the roller. The roller is not very smooth, and is very hard to make with just your tongue. I wouldn’t recommend this candy to anyone. It was overall a bad experience and I will not be purchasing this again.

  9. Jessica

    I wonder if all of you realize these have been around since my boys have been lit all in one of them is 10 he used to get it when he was 4 the prices of rose due to TikTok this is nothing new in this is ridiculous for a candy company to try to make an extra buck off of kids.
    It is discussing to me

    • Madi Meusel

      a myself is a kid and I really like them but I can’t find them anywhere and even when I do find them there is still a limit and like you said they are nothing new so it’s just insane

    • Aiden

      I thought that it was very good

    • Isabella Fay Whitecross

      You spelt so so much stuff wrong

  10. Keziyah

    I need to get this

    • Jessica

      Say say those bud but these have been around for many many many many years. Wait till the price goes back to the normal because right now it’s just hiked because it’s on TickTock and they want to make an extra buck discussing how the candy companies work

      • alayna mcgar

        there not even sour there just good

        • Brennan

          I love these things but sadly they are now banned but THEY DONT GO BAD I have 2 I never ate ant I cherish them I use them 10 seconds a week so the will last forever idk ( I don’t know ) about you but these are super good.


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