Too Haute Cowgirls’ Haute Buttered Rum Brittle is to Die

The only thing that's brittle about this brittle is the brittle part.

Dammit this shit is good. I mean really good.


Peanut Brittle (although this Haute Buttered Rum Brittle ain’t peanuts; it’s made of pecans) is often a shot in the dark. Considering brittle is a pretty simple candy: nuts, sugar, cream, butter, salt and vanilla (?) — it sure can go a ton of ways:

  • Really crunchy and falls apart everywhere when you bite it.
  • Too sweet and you can’t really eat a lot.
  • Not salty enough to be what you love about peanut confections.
  • Too hard and sharp, hurting your mouth on each bite.

The great Brittle is a perfect mesh of ingredients – it doesn’t crumble, it kinda of melts. It’s not too sweet, it’s nicely salted, and it’s crunchy but it don’t break your tooths. That’s what you get with this Haute Buttered Rum delight.


Great flavors. The rum is right there but it doesn’t taste alcoholy. There are nutmeg undertones and a hint of cinnamon. Real simple and real tasty.

I really didn’t want to eat too much of it either. And when I was done, I dumped the crumbs in my mouth too. Dammit, Haute Girls. I gained like 12 pounds tonight gobbling this stuff down.

Note, readers, finding the brittle ain’t that easy. There are retailers, and maybe one near you, but procuring online is harder to do. Check their site and if you can’t seem to add any to your cart, send the girls an email.

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