Tart n’ Tinys

These. I remember eating these on the roof of my elementary school, don't ask me how I got up there.

Reviewed by Jonny

June 13, 2019

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Man, 2019 is turning into a nostalgic review year. A few of my earliest favorites: first, Wacky Wafers, then Garbage Pail Kids, and now I give you Tart N Tinys. Remember these? They were around in the 70’s and 80’s, but then vanished. Leaf Brands picked them back up a few years ago, and of course I was dying to try them. But for whatever reason, they weren’t ever in stores I visited.  Usually not one to let that put me off, I was also put off by the ridiculous online pricing for a case. So I waited.  Oh….I waited.  And waited.   And a few weeks ago, at the best candy store in San Francisco, I found them, so here we are.   These are exactly what you think they are: tart pressed dextrose candies, like Sweetarts. The thing is, in 1980 something, there was nothing else like it, except for Sweetarts.  These were tiny, as the name suggests, little cylinders of tart. Which was novel.  We hadn’t really even started the sour revolution, which sort of presents the problem with these.   They’re the same thing as Sweetarts, just not so sour.  They’re kinda tart. Flavors?  Friend, this was the 80’s, flavors were as unnatural and vague as the cultural rock stars of the time. So they’re more or less candy flavored not as sour Sweetarts.   This one didn’t rock my nostalgia sensors at all eating them. I guess there’s some things that just aren’t that unique, and while this was at the time, in 2019 they don’t really even ring a bell. Don’t misunderstand me: they’re certainly good. I’d buy them again at a reasonable price, but I just don’t think they’re special enough to seek out.   Ya hear that, 80’s? YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL.  NO ONE CARES. Except me, cause I love the 80’s.  But if we REALLY wanna deep dive on the nostalgic 80’s candy, I’m gonna need Jolly Ranchers to re-release all the flavors they used to have in STICK form.  When that happens, I’m all pro-80’s once again.    

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  1. Christina

    I remember getting these at my local penny and self serve jar candy store in 1998. I used to love them! Thank you for the memory jog


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