Swedish Sours: Raspberry Hallonshots & Tropical Punch Bottles at “The Candy Store”

Think you've been to the best candy store in San Francisco? If you haven't been here, you haven't.

Reviewed by Jonny

June 27, 2014

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A few months ago Matty & I finally stumbled upon what I’m now claiming is the best candy store in San Francisco.  Yeah, I said it.  It’s small, and it’s not cheap.  But dudes?  It’s the best.  It’s nestled on Vallejo street, in a quaint li’l neighborhood.  I’ve passed it a ton of times, and never even knew it was there.


But one weekend day, we had the kids and wanted candy.  But not the same old drivel.  We wanted something new.  We always want something new, and to be honest, it usually doesn’t happen.  Most candy stores have the same stuff-to the point where it’s not even special anymore to have “old timey” candies.  It’s cool, but…everyone has them.  We needed some freshness.


In Clockwork Orange styling, the left side of the store has the chocolate bars and classic candies.  Highbrow gift stuff in the far back, if you’re into that.


Umm….what the F*CK is all that???!?


It was at this point when I knew I was home.  Immaculate and pretty, but more importantly….loaded with candies neither of us had ever tried.  We’re talking the gamut: gummies to chews to sours to chocolates to toffees to bon bons….it was overwhelming.  We bought a bunch of stuff, and as soon as we dove into it later that night Matty & I simultaneously said- “we messed up.  We should have gotten more.”  We were absolutely right.  I was truly blown away.

Two of my favorites were Swedish imports.  And it’s important to point out that this store is the only store in the Bay Area that we know of that has Swedish candy.  But who cares about Swedish candy, you say?  You.  All of you should, because they clearly know something we don’t.  Check out Raspberry Hallonshots and Tropical Punch Bottles.


Let’s start with the Tropical Punch Bottle.  They’re sour, but just barely.  They’re really all about their unique texture and delicious, subtle flavor.


These fall into that gummy class that doesn’t have the same consistency as, say, gummy bears.  They’re harder, but not a lot harder-their consistency is more like Haribo’s Tropifrutti.  I really enjoy that consistency, and these are just….insane.  The flavor is punch-like, but extremely unique.  They don’t taste like anything else I’ve ever had and I need to have pounds of them on hand at all times now.  And forever.  But kids?  These weren’t even my favorite.  Enter the Raspberry Hallonshot:


Sweet.  Child. Of. Mine.  WOW.  These are the same consistency as the Tropical Punch Bottles, but even firmer.  And they are the most sour sours you’ve ever had.  So damn sour, that at first, you’re all like “WAAA!!”, perhaps even spitting it out.  But then, you’re all “hold on a sec, I can do this”, and you try another.  Then?  You’re completely addicted, and can’t get even close to enough.  Mrs. Guru, who most definitely cannot handle sour that well, had the same reaction-first she couldn’t stand it, then she was asking me for more.  They’re drugs.  They must be, because I think about them all the time, even when I’m not with them.


Maybe they’re like family, then?


Whatever they’re like, I’m putting this out there:  These Raspberry Hallonshots are in my top 3 sour candy of all time.  I don’t really see a future where I don’t buy several pounds of these a year.


And here’s the thing: they’re not cheap.  At all.  These two candies are $4.50/ 1/4 pound.  I suppose normals might buy quarter pounds of candy, but not this guy.  So I’m popping off $18 a pound for each of these things, and know what?  I’m delighted to do it.  These are of such high quality, such unique taste, but most importantly, so damn good time and time again, that money can just suck it.  Some things are more important.

Speaking of expense, check out their signature candy that’s represented in their logo:



Epic.  Epically not for me, but I bet tons of people scoop those up.

And we want you guys to go support this local store.  You’re be glad you did, because they’re forging new ground with making once unavailable candies available.  They have TONS more stuff than I mentioned- a fine imported licorice section, some great local stuff, and scores of things you’ll love to try for the first time.  Sure, they have a web presence and you can order some of their goodies that way, but I really encourage you to check it out in person, at 1507 Vallejo Street (at Polk).  Skip the pre-packaged bars and anything else you’ve ever had before and go for the bulk jars-they’re happy to recommend good combinations for mix & match bags.  Get ready to enjoy life more.


Bravo, Candy Store SF!  Bravo.

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  1. mattycandy

    This is the best store ever. Seriously.

  2. misterysun

    Thanks for the recommendation. I was in SF this last weekend and this was a ‘must see’. Bought a few different tasty candies, tasted a whole lot more.

  3. greebs

    I believe the word I’m searching for here is, “GKFJKLSJFLKSDJFLSFFKGGFDKGFFFFFFFFFFT.” That looks amazing.


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