Take 5: A (snack) treat from Hershey

Right size, right crunch. Great taste - some salt in there with pretzels, peanut butter and caramel. Maybe you should Take 10.

Reviewed by Matty

November 14, 2017

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Is it too late for us to become Snack Gurus? Someone check if the domain is available.

Right now I’m eating cornnuts and wondering how these aren’t everyone’s favorite snack. They’re crunchier than 10 hippies at a Dead show smoking patchouli joints.

Wanna know what would be good? Chocolate covered cornnuts. Like these.

Too bad I don’t have those.

But what I do have is a Take 5 bar from Hershey. Sure it’s missing the cornnuts but it’s still a good nosh.

Now I don’t usually lead with this, but Take 5 is only 210 calories. That’s only about 85 calories more than a typical Weight Watchers sweet. Not bad. Especially if you are trying to stop eating as many sweets LIKE I AM BUT IT’S NOT WORKING.

I digress.

The pretzel plays a prominent role in the Take 5 and I say yay to that. Salty, crunchy (not like the cornnut…hey, maybe they can make a Take 10 bar WITH CORNNUTS I’M JUST SAYIN) and all together savory – the pretzel is a great companion to chocolate.

The Take 5 also has:

  • Peanut butter? Seriously smart.
  • Caramel? Not so clever but who’s to argue.
  • PeaNUTS and milk chocolate? It’s hard to believe this isn’t just like every other candy bar out there!

Let’s be honest with each other: it is. This isn’t a bundle of uniqueness. Still, it’s good. Like the pizza I order with pep and jale-ys (that’s HAL-ies as in jalapenos) – no matter which restaurant puts the flavors together, I love it. Good ingredients be good ingredients.

The pretzels keep the candy light. It’s not like Snickers, which is thick and heavy. Nor is it carmel-rich like a Milky Way. The thin caramel layer plays nicely with the thin peanut butter layer and you really just get a great chocolate bar snack. I pounded my 210 cals in a minute, and felt good about it!

So let’s all just settle down a bit. We don’t need ‘novel’ to make us like a Take 5 more. Let’s just sit back, take a load off Annie, and eat a candy bar snack. No big whoop.

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