Sweetriot: Attractive People Make Chocolate Not War

Say what you want about how the Man is keeping you down by making Red Dye #5-riddled aspertame products that are single handedly destroying American farm culture. Feel free to blog about how McDonald’s is the new Roman Empire that embodies all that’s wrong with America, taking over the world one fat-filled, hi-carb crapburger at a time.

But whatever you do, don’t blame the kids at sweetriot for our modern food issues. These girls (and dudes too I assume though they only have pics of females on their site: smart) are doing what they can to be green, save the world, take part in fair trade, keep you healthy and, oh yeah, make chocolate.

Now, there’s a whole ton of stuff on the sweetriot web pages about Cacao and how it’s special with healing properties and this is what the sweetriot mission is all about. And that’s fine (will go into some health stuff further down) cuz I sure do LOVE the world with all of my heart, and want you to be oh so healthy – but let’s get to the candy review dammit!

We received 3 bars and as you can see above, and all of it was dark chocolate, which was good cuz I loves me some dark chocolate; dark chocolate is for men – nay, aDULTs. And these bars are for purists. They feeeeel natural and real, and you aren’t going to open a bar and throw the whole thing in your fat mouth. You are going to break off bites and eat slowly. The higher the cacAO percentage, the more dry if not kinda chalky they feel, but not in a bad way. Again, if I want milky chocolate, I buy See’s candy or get a Crunch bar. These sweetriot bars are about getting an authentic chocolate taste, a slight buzz for you who have crazy choco habits, and then move on. Note that the kids didn’t love these…but that’s because they’re stupid; they barely know basic math.

These bars are well worth it and for you all on weight watchers, the sweetrioters let you know how many points = how much of the bar. Nice touch. See the center of their shopping page here.

So if you are saving the world, saving your body from going uber fat, want to eat some good chocolate, and want to say you eat the same chocolate that Sarah Jessica Parker does, then go Sweetriot.

One thought on “Sweetriot: Attractive People Make Chocolate Not War

  1. Got vmy old taste buds crying for that so special taste of genuine dark, rich chocolate. Goin’ to buy me some right now!

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