Swedish Dala Horse: Like the Fish but with Hooves

They aren't fish but they never said they would be so give em a break

Reviewed by Matty

November 29, 2016

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I learned a lot, oh reader, as I put fingers to keyboard to write this little review of Swedish Dala Horses by the Candy People. Before I even tried one I wondered if these would taste like the other much more well known Swedish Fish gummies. And I wondered what makes a gummy a Swedish one? Are these in fact Swedish or is that just a name? oh yeah, and what’s a Dala horse?


First things first, let’s talk taste: simple, yet Good. The 3 flavors are pineapple, citrus and raspberry. I can definitely taste the pineapple. The citrus is modest – and not just orangey, which is nice. The raspberry seems more ‘general berry’ to me but still tasty. It reminded the mini gurus of cough medicine but they still ate it and wanted more. And call me a heretic but…these Swedish Horses taste better than Swedish Fish. Yep, I said it. Swedish Fish are good, and first to market, but aren’t we always just looking for the red ones? ALL the Dala Horse flavors are enjoyable.

The texture of the Swedish Dala Horse is exactly like Swedish Fish. Like, exactly. They stick to your teeth in the same way and they have the same thickness and chewiness. I mean exactly. The only difference is in the taste.


Interestingly, these Dala Horses ARE made in Sweden, but what makes them the same as the Swedish Fish isn’t just geolocation, but rather the candy’s lack of gelatin. Yep, no horse hooves in these Horses, (or the Fish for that matter). These are also GMO free, and have no high fructose corn syrup – more to enjoy.

What’s a Dala Horse you ask? It’s a popular Swedish souvenir, because the horse has always been considered a tad holy by the Nordic cultures.

I say ride, my friends, ride this gummy horse to the far north! And to the south, and the west, and the noreast and the fareast and the northwest. Look, just pick a f(*&ing direction and eat.


Zolli Candy


  1. BillB

    I like these Swedish Dala Horses, and agree but they taste exactly like the original Swedish fish. The new swedish fish say “New Look – same great taste” but they do not taste anywhere near the same nor have the same consistency. Stick with these Dala Horses, they have the taste and consistency we Love.

  2. MaryEllen

    Off to Amazon to buy!!


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