Sugarfina Atomic Sours: We’ll be the judge of that.

With a name like "Atomic" you'd better be explosive

Reviewed by Matty

December 12, 2017


And now you’re in our territory, Sugarfina. If the Gurus know anything, it’s sour. Heck, it’s in our slogan. So grabbing these “Atomic Sours” off the shelf, you gotta know – that’s a pretty big check your candy is trying to cash. ATOMIC sours?

We’ll see.

The Atomic Sours looked, to me at least, appropriately ready to be sour with their dull color and knobby candy shell. I didn’t know going in if they would be gummy or not (I didn’t peek at the ingredients first) but wasn’t terribly surprised when they were. The gummy breaks down pretty quickly into a teeth-sticking chew, though, which I didn’t love. The outside shell was indeed as sour as we need. As sour as the most sour I’ve tried, but if you just suck, the sour is gone in 10 seconds. The knobs suck off within the next 20 seconds, and then we’re left with a flavorless gum drop. The side of the box says these are flavored grapefruit, blueberry and raspberry but I couldn’t tell which was which, and once the sour was gone, they became super nondescript.

At $7.50 a pop, not sure I would get these again. Mind you, I did eat them all, and generally liked them much better when I popped them in and just started chewing. That was when the sour mixed in and a flavor surfaced, though I still couldn’t really discern one from the other.

TL;DR the sour lives up to its “atomic” name for the onset but then fades. The flavors aren’t terribly strong, and your box of 20-25 is a tad pricey.

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