Sockerbit Licorice Lips: Wow

Don't like licorice? Now you do.

Reviewed by Matty

February 4, 2020


Even if you don’t like licorice, you will like these Licorice Lips.

Did you read that correctly?

Let me write it loudly:


It’s true, there are heretics in this world who don’t like licorice. Turns out it may be DNA. Still, those of us with discerning taste buds understand that the evolved of us (humble brag) can grow to love something. No one is born liking escargot, caviar or even broccoli. Some of us may need to start small before going big. Like with hot sauce: jump in with an off-the-shelf Tostito’s Salsa before you slather a chicken wing with a customized ghost pepper dip that hits two million on the scoville scale.

The sokerbit (means sugar in Swedish and it’s an online purveyor of magnificent if not pricey gummies) Licorice Lips are the perfect training wheels to the wonderful taste that anise, fennel and its cousin licorice give us.

Sockerbits Licorice Lips start fruity, get salty, almost sour – and then as you chew – the overtone of the licorice creeps in. But the fruit isn’t lost, it lingers. The chews are half hard chew and half soft chew. No, not ‘medium hard’ – rather they have a heavy chew factor that turns soft and gummy, as in chewing gum gummy. The Lips slowly break down in your mouth, and they stick around a good amount of time. Each candy is a mouthful.

Ok – I lied. You need to like licorice to like these.

But you shooooould like licorice.

I will like you more if you like licorice.

And go to Sockerbit to get more licorice.

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