Snickers Hazelnut: They Didn’t Change a Thing!

When you change a recipe, be careful

Reviewed by Matty

January 8, 2019


Sometimes when you change a recipe things go good. Like the time I decided to make pancakes with a few tablespoons of maple syrup IN the batter. Delish.

The people who make Snickers (they work at Mars by the by) decided to augment the recipe of their tried-and-true by adding a new nut. The hazelnut. A European favorite. (I made that up. I have no idea if Europe likes hazelnuts so much more than anyone else. I just did the Nutella math that’s all.)

Now, I like Snickers. Always have. It’s got good taste and heft. Like the ads say, it really does satisfy. Snickers have also been around for years, and like your gramma, perhaps they need a facelift. (Commence hate emails.) So I get the hazelnut addition. I’m all for it AND I very much looked forward to trying them.

See them in there?
Look harder.
Because they are there… with the peanuts too.
Mars added hazelnuts to the already-there peanuts.


but why?

Mrs. Guru didn’t know this was a different-than-normal Snickers before she tried it, nor after. She couldn’t taste the hazels. Neither could I. Hazelnuts are the Jack cheese of nuts. And in this case, the peanuts are like a camembert.

Mars changed the Snickers recipe. Sure they didn’t make a dumb move like swapping sugar for salt, but adding the hazel with the pea? Too safe.

Middle of the road gets you 3 stars.

Zolli Candy


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