Smurf candy. And I liked them. 'Nuff said?

Reviewed by Matty

June 13, 2008


I’ve never had the haribo smurfs. I’ve always wanted to try one. I’ve seen them at, but at over 20 bucks a bucket for like 150 of them, when I can go to Amazon and get 5 lbs of the ‘bo for no shipping ? …eh. Not top of the to-do list.

And yet. Lucky ol ‘bo eating me chanced on one late last night. Back in May I bought 15 lbs of haribo via the aforementioned Amazon for like 29 bucks as they had a “30 percent off everything Haribo!” sale. And in one of the bags (not Smurfs) per a wee mistake of ye old German candy manufacturing, there the little guy was.

Ok – actually not that little. Kinda big. Maybe that’s why you only 150 in a bucket. They’re like 8 times the size of a gummi bear.

The full assess:

Taste — a berry but unclear whether it was blue or raspberry. Very ‘bo tasting. You know it’s Haribo when you eat it. In the vein of the original gummi bear type taste.

Juicy — indeed. Got a bit of juicymouth(tm) in that thing. On the scale of 1-10 I’d say a solid 8 with juiciness.

Texture and firmness — very strong; what the ‘bo is great for. Not too chewy for those people who are scared their gummies will chew like a rubber hose, but enough mouth work needed that will satisfy the old skool gummy lovers.

Toothstick ™ — none. Maybe a 1 or 2. However, since it was a smurf that leaked itself into a bag of Clown Fish, who knows how much aging it had and whether that affected this. Need to try others straight from the bucket before an adequate assessment.

I like to over-eat my haribo. Not sure I can with these. The size they were…Wha…do I get like 8? And if I eat more then I get to feel like a pig? And then in a week, once my kids get some and Jon and Scott, I’m suddenly down a 20 spot with an empty smurfs bucket and some memories? Eh. These would be best if someone else buys them and I can eat theirs.


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  1. matty

    I think this was my first post, almost 10 years ago.

    that is all

  2. luke

    i just discovered these, amazing. as a rookie guru i had to see if you guys had4 tried ’em. what was i thinking, of course you have. another question answered: i believe you have reviewed almost every ‘bo (love the nickname). might i suggest checking out all the ‘bo ads on youtube.

  3. Susan

    Just did a google search on Haribo Smurfs and your blog popped up. Hello! I just tried a Smurf today from Miette and the gal helping me said they were a blue raspberry flavor. Disappointed that there were no Smurfettes, but apparently they make a batch of just Smurfettes (“Haribo Super-Schlumpf”).

  4. greebs

    This blog is SO AWESOME! You update it so frequently, with so much information – I can’t believe I haven’t found it before today!

    Oh…wait. You only have one entry.

    Never mind.

  5. greebs

    Never tried the smurfs, but when Haribo fails me (rarely) it’s a firmness issue. Take, for instance, the half moons (which I expect to see a review of up here shortly). In my opinion, WAY too firm. The flavor is delish, but I can’t eat the things.


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