Seeds package

Silly Seeds: Sweet Stuff & No Spitting Shells

These spitters aren't for spitting

Reviewed by Matty

December 28, 2011


Besides candy, Jonny and I love baseball. With baseball, comes Spitters. Spitters are most commonly known as sunflower seeds. You see, we go to ball games and eat seeds with shells (de-shelled seeds are for the lazy). They are the perfect something to do in the warm sun with beer in hand. And after years of practice, we’ve perfected the eating process: pop the full seed in our mouths, split the shell with our teeth, spit them out and eat the seedy goodness still in our mouths. Sounds gross, no?!

These Silly Seeds aren’t spitters – they are what’s in the spitters. You won’t have to do any work to enjoy Silly Seeds.

Seeds package

I got these last summer at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC. Part of my general haul, which included these bacon bad boys and other stuffs.

Here’s what’s good about Silly Seeds:
– The seed is covered in a good amount of candy shell, which provides a hearty crunch. I opened these months back and am just now reviewing the package I originally ate half of. I kept it closed with just a rubber band and they are still crunchy. Try that with your regular ol’ seed. Unshelled seeds left in an open package will be chewy within days.

Pile of Berry Seeds

– These ones are blue for the berry-ness and they taste berrified. Like berry cereal berry – a taste I like. Silly Seeds have other flavors too, like Laughing Lemon, which I’d like to try actually. If you’ve had these before, let us know about them in the comments.

– Before eating Silly Seeds, I thought they’d have a general sweet taste that would hide any real seed element. Wrong. The seed taste is very much there. The sugar coating doesn’t overtake the sunflower flavor; you’ll know you’re eating seeds. Maybe they give these things a little salt to ensure all the flavors are overt…

According to various web sites – and we all know the web only provides factual information – Sunflower seeds have good amounts of protein and antioxidents (like Vitamin E). According to this site, “just a hand full of sunflower kernels a day provides much of the recommended levels of phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein.” Great – more sugar coated seeds for everyone! Eat up!

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  3. Jonny

    Seems weird, but I’m game. I can handle chocolate and seeds but berry seems….too sweet.



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