Salted caramel fudge Can it get any clearer?

How in god's name am I going to get some fudge sent here?, that's the hell how yo!

Reviewed by Matty

August 20, 2012


I won’t debate you about whether this connected-always-updated encyclopedia we call the internet is filled with lies and half truths. But the fact that you can get just about any confection foodstuff you want from almost anywhere in the world makes up in spades for the web’s ridiculousness.

The latest fad…ok maybe not ‘fad’… meme? … is fudge. Ok it’s not really a meme either. It’s not like cupcakes. Still, there’s a company out there and all they do is make fudge. And then you suddenly want to buy it, so you think “how in god’s name am I going to get some fudge sent here?” And see that’s THE BRILLIANCE of it. That’s the hell how yo!

I love companies like that leave literally nothing to chance.

Q: What do they make?
Q: How do I get it?
They send it.
Q: How do I get in touch with them?
Well it’s a dot com so how about you do the web browser math, Tim Berners Lee. had me hooked before they even sent me anything to eat.

But let’s get down to the candy bidness – shall we’s?

Peanut Butter fudge

Now I have no idea the amount they sent me and how much that was in actual dollars. They sent me 3 kinds for free. The size of which was about 6 inches long by 2 inches thick. A fine size for noshing and tasting but not likely a half pound (which appears to be their default smallest size for about $15).

Wifey and I decided that to do a true review of fudge, we needed to go with a standby (Rocky road), a tried and true (peanut butter chocolate), and a trendy (salted caramel). Oh yes Wifey gets the heads up on chocolate reviews since she loves the stuff. has other flavors I’d like to try, (dark chocolate chili mango & caramel pecan cheesecake) and a few I don’t (orange creme and raspberry chocolate swirl) so be sure to check the site thoroughly before buying.

Salted caramel fudge

My favorite of the 3 we tried was salted caramel fudge. I think everyone in the room liked that the most. It sat on the plate for a whopping 8 mins. The caramel was real – not thick like syrup but buttery and thin like actual caramel. The salt was pervasive throughout, with nice big crystals of it, which you can see in the image above. The chocolate was light (I’d like it darker personally), even though it was thick, and the only thing I didn’t love was that it was a little on the sweet side compared to the other 2 flavors; perhaps to foil the big salt crystals. But overall, this was some good fudge. Simply put, it tasted homemade and not pre-packaged.

Peanut Butter was good too. Again, the fudge texture was good – not too heavy and not grainy but real smooth and rich. I personally could have used more peanut butter but perhaps I should have ordered the straight-up peanut butter if I wanted that. The Rocky Road was fine though nothing to write home about. Next time I’d try another flavor. is exactly as you’d expect and hope — a place to order good fudge for whatever your needs (think Xmas gift for your boss), and a name and URL that you simply can’t forget.

Zolli Candy


  1. Cheryl Stephens

    I am so sad, even desperate, that they do not ship to Canada.

    • MattY

      They don’t? Damn then. Here’s a workaround, rent a flat in Michigan (I’m assuming you are close) then send to that flat and drive and get it!

  2. greebs

    It looks delightful. In a totally non-ironic way.


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