Same Sweet Candy Offers Some Sweet Caramels

Reviewed by Matty

April 5, 2011

I like the little guys, the small companies trying to make it big. And I like the Internet. It’s an instant worldwide marketplace! Put the 2 together and you get Same Sweet Candy. This is quite possibly the first Gurus review that’s equal parts vendor and candy. Neato.

Today we mainly laud these chocolate-covered caramels.

We got a big bag of them. Jonny and I split them with the ladies in our lives. We all liked them. We kept eating them. And then I was supposed to write a review of them and I went to look for them and suddenly there were no caramels anymore. Ruht roh. So I IMed Jonny and after he castigated me for being an idiot, he confided that he had 2 left. The two you see cut in half in the pic above. He brought them way, I photog’ed, and here we be.

Dammit these are good. Like a high-end milk dud but creamier and less tooth stick. Plus the caramel is deep, not burnt sugar but cooked long enough to almost seem smoky. They are covered in milk chocolate, which isn’t my thing, but the caramel overshadows anything the milk chocolate could ruin. If these were made with dark chocolate and sea salt? I’d make love to them. (With my tongue of course, sicko.)

I confess, Same Sweets sent us a bunch of other stuff too. Some of it was decent (nothing as good as the caramels), and some of it not so decent like these somethings called Baker’s Chocolate Meltaways:

– which were flavored chocolate, like orange, which just never turns me on. They were all in the bag together and honestly, they all kinda tasted the same. The flavors seeped into each other, everything was mint and cherrified. eh, no thanks.

Same Sweet Candy is an interesting little web store front. They find “artisanal confectioneries” from around the US, and sell them. It appears from their store that inventory is limited. Perhaps it changes with what’s available. They offer “seconds” of candies (which I think are odd-shaped or maybe mis-packaged the first time), and re-sell at a lower price. They are also asking you to send in suggestions for what to sell. So go forth and tell em what to do!

But back to the caramels: Get them here.



  1. matty

    Pounds Shmounds. Live a little!

  2. Robert The Big

    This review is too damn positive! Here I am trying to lose weight and you guys go ahead and write and post this review that makes me want to go immediately to Same Sweet Candy’s website and order a bunch of these caramel babies that I can eat before I go to bed every night and then wonder how I just gained another 8 pounds!

  3. Jonny

    I’m testifying here : I LOVE Milk Duds, and these truly are spruced up Duds. To die for. If you like caramel, and you like chewy caramel, buy these.


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