Sallos Schwarzweich package - licorice candy

Sallow Schwartzweich Slamiak Softer Lakritz Genuss… Long name

When a little heat and cold and time can turn a very good candy into a classic.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 17, 2023


Seriously? That’s what these are called? “Black soft licorice pleasure,” or something like that.
Ya know what though? That’s what it is.

Sallos Shwarzweich licorice morsels

Nothing super special on the outset here: a sanded chewy cube of slightly salty licorice. Not licorice “cats” or a “coins” solid licorice experience though: This is a chewy thing that you can bite right through. And while the taste is outstanding — dare I say possibly among my favorite licorice confections ever had (!) — as the product name states, they’re relatively soft. And that’s the one and only exception I had with them.


I left the bag at work, open in my office. I’ve done this a lot over the years, and now I know for sure, there’s something about that controlled HVAC that ages candies so much better than just leaving them open at home. I don’t know if it’s the evening when it gets really cold in the office, or the process of heating up or cooling down, but I really feel like the office accelerates the candy aging process. Feel free to use this advice, friends.

So I go back to work a few weeks later (like all y’all, I WFH sometimes) and my LORD they’re stiff. Almost hard but not, they’re tough and chewy, and … NOW they had become perfect. If our new site had rating stars (working on it!) they’d be a 10. And I rarely ever give 10’s.

Individual Sallos Shwarzweich licorice morsel pulled apart

What I love about licorice is the real, natural and earthy deep flavor. It’s like nothing else in the world. Period. Yes, I like salty licorice, but only to bring out the flavor: that’s the purpose of salt in all food, it’s supposed to give you a better,genuine flavor of the food or dessert it’s on. In this case, Sallos really nailed it perfectly. Generally speaking, we like their licorice across the board, but these THESE Sallos Shwarzweich have moved to S-Tier for me.

I think you might wanna do yourself a favor and pick up this Sallos variety, a very fairly priced 2-pack on Amazon. And let us know what you think of them below!

Oh, and these are Vegan yo.

Zolli Candy


  1. Robert

    I’m glad you fixed the link problem as I now have direction. Go to Amazon; buy a ton of these; when they arrive 15 minutes later cut open the package, at least one, and don’t try to eat one candy until a month has elapsed. What a great diet item!
    I know I’m going to love them. Still have some of the licorice filled candies!

  2. greebs

    Having tried these last weekend I concur completely. Even fresher the taste is out of this world. So yum


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