Ritual Chocolate’s Novo Coffee will Make you Buzz

I had like maybe 1/3 of the bar and I'm super high. Like caffeined out of MY HEAD. I won't sleep for days.

Reviewed by Matty

February 21, 2017

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Lately I’ve been all Japanese umami gummy sour on your asses. Well today, I’m writing about some super high-end artisanal chocolate from Ritual because, it’s been awhile. Cue over-played 90’s emo Staind song.

I apologize in advance if this gets verbose. I had like maybe 1/3 of the bar and I’m super high. Like caffeined out of MY HEAD. I won’t sleep for days.

The thing is you really can’t do a chocolate bar like Ritual Chocolate’s Novo Coffee bar justice in a blog post. For one, the packaging is so super cool – from the foldout outer shell that leads you to a separate brown paper wrapping of the bar itself, to the mirror-like type that reflects the colors around you…

The chocolate has such great deep coffee flavor — like the flavor of that perfectly percolated strong cup of morning joe you get when you’re waiting for that 3 egg omelette loaded with bacon and cheese to get you over the 4 whiskeys you downed the night before. But in chocolate.

Just for the record – I freaking love coffee. Always have. I drink it strong. I live in San Francisco where we take it very seriously.

Ritual’s Novo Coffee has the right tone – it’s not a hint of what coffee sorta tastes like, like what you expect of a coffee ice cream. Ritual’s chocolate is crisp, slightly bitter as dark chocolate should be, and filled with loads of different notes. I taste berry and earthy, nutty flavors. The sweetness cuts through the bitter so you know you’re eating dessert, but the depth of the coffee really feels like they poured a perfectly brewed pot into the bar itself.

This is the kind of bar that would make a great companion ingredient to an awesome dessert, like a high-end butterscotch pudding or shave it over homemade vanilla ice cream. Look, I ain’t going to tell you what to do with it – but chefs: if you’re cooking with chocolate, try this bar out in a few recipes.

The only reason I take a half star away is these Ritual bars ain’t cheap. Each bar is a whopping 9 bucks, and if you’re trying to save the environment, perhaps there’s a tad too much packaging, no matter how gorgeous it is.

Yet. If for some reason you equate the chocolate of a Hershey bar with what you think all chocolate tastes like, go get you some Ritual Chocolate’s Novo Coffee bar and get those taste buds awakened.

A few extra notes: the company doesn’t call these organic but its ingredients are tight, and 2 of them are organic: Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Coffee. Also, these bars are made on machines that also process peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.



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