Reese’s P-nut Butt Whoppers: Go Nutty

Call me a heretic but I liked this shit. Maybe more than the OG version. No big whoop.

Reviewed by Matty

December 29, 2008


The peanut butter whopper confection. I hadn’t seen them before in my local shop so I bought. I thought they were novel. Wrong. I was just perusing other candy blogs’ reviews and I’m definitely not the first to give em a whirl.

But I bet I’m the first to say: “Lose the OG’s and go nuts!”

To translate: I suggest if you see Peanut Butter Whoppers and regular whoppers together, go with the future.

Don’t get me wrong. I like OG whopps. They’re unique. Nothing else tastes like a malted milk ball and most other types of malt balls are chewier, staler and generally crappier. But for me, overall they’re too sweet.

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Whoppers on the other hand didn’t seem too sweet. And if you think the middle of Whoppers are too chalky, like I do occasionally, then these will be a refreshing change. They are softer, and dare I say Peanut Butter-er on the inside.

Only thing that kinda bugged me was that they didn’t really taste like Reese’s to me. I mean maybe a bit, sure. But Reese’s rock and these don’t rock like that. This little concoction is about the marketing opp. It’s not like the Whopper candy guy was thinking his perfect little malted milk ball just needed the hint of a PB center. No. the companies figured to help charge sales they’d play with brands. Easy peasy.

Anyhoo – I liked these and I like them more than reg ol whopps. In fact, I’ll buy these over reg ol whopps every time. Deal with it.




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  1. greebs

    This sounds like the kind of thing I would LOVE.

    The Strawberry version – and I too, am a Strawberry Quik fan – sounds heinous.

  2. Candy Gurus

    Denise – I did try the Strawb whopps! I was half grossed out and half into them. I’m a Strawberry Quik kind of guy and they hinted at that. They also had the texture and kinda flavor of yogurt candies – the ones with “yogurt” on the outside. They weren’t horrible but I wouldn’t eat more than 3-5 pieces in a sitting. Which isn’t sayin much…

    Happy New Year :-]


  3. Denise Ryan

    Good review Matty! I like these too, but you are right – they’re not as good as Reese’s. And you are also right about the easy marketing op. But you know what? I never thought of it! I never thought of malted milk balls being anything but chocolate. (Unimaginative of me, I know.) There are also some strawberry ones, but just the thought of that combo grosses me out. Will you try them for me? : )


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