Red Vines: Made Simple

RV's Made Simps

Reviewed by Matty

March 6, 2020


Oh sure I could click bait the hell out of this post with the headline: “5 Reasons Red Vines are better than Twizzlers”, but I’ve evolved. I don’t pit one candy against another. I know there is room in this world for many points of views.

Also, these are special Red Vines. And Twizzlers doesn’t go this route. Yet.

These Red Vines are made simple just like the package says:

  • Non-GMO (they weren’t made with ingredients that had their DNA f’ed with)
  • Made with real sugar (no corn syrup)
  • “Naturally flavored” berry (also other flavors though)
  • Kosher (which is nice)
  • Made in a zero-waste facility (they clean up well)
  • No fat (like the other RVs too)
  • Only 100 cals (per 3 vines – pretty good ratio)

The package definitely looks like something you would see in a health food store. I’m guessing that’s why my wife bought them. But these aren’t organic, they aren’t gluten-free – they contain wheat – and there is no other allergen info on the package. So give the American Licorice Company a call if you need specifics.

The Red Vines made simple looook healthier, less red dye, or perhaps just a light pink dye. They smell berry’ier, compared to regular Red Vines. You’ll notice straight away these are siblings, but not twins. The most interesting thing about these new(ish) Red Vines is they start out like you expect, but then get sweeter, much sweeter than regular Red Vines. Same chew. I didn’t age them (in the fridge) to make them harder, but I’m guessing they will act like the other Vines in the family.

I love Red Vines. Always have. Will the ‘made simple’ version become a goto? I think yes. I think my semi-natural trying-to-pretend-to-be-healthy self will definitely get these again and again.

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